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On ChessBaron

Following are some frequently asked questions relating to the chess shop of ChessBaron. If you have other questions on chess shops fr our chess sets or chess computers please contact us at any time – we’ll be happy to address any chess shop concerns or questions you have.

How is ChessBaron Canada any different than other chess shops?

We at ChessBaron Canada strive to bring you the best modern chess sets available from around the world. The quality of our chess sets is unsurpassed. Spend some time searching other chess stores and you will notice that we provide you with the best pictures and with very detailed descriptions of all our items to help make your decision that much easier.

What if I lose one or two pieces from a chess set purchased from ChessBaron Canada?

What if the dog chewed a rook mistaking it for a snack? Or what if one of the children accidentally lost a piece from your chess board game? No matter contact us and we will do our best to get you a replacement as quick as possible and at a low cost.

Do any of your staunton sets of pieces come with two queens?

Many of the staunton chess sets in the mid-range to luxury come with two queens. Also, we offer a unique service that no one else we’ve come accross offers in a staunton chess set – if you require another set of queens for your staunton chess set, our manufacturers will be happy to provide a queen set at cost price only. This is only one of the advantages of purchasing staunton chess sets from ChessBaron – the flexibility of buying a set that is extendable and where lost pieces can be replaced.

What is the weighting of the sets?

When you buy a chess set from the Chess Baron, each set is described carefully and includes the weighting: standard, double, triple or greater. The economical range has standard weighting, some are double, and many are triple. We are chess purists and know when someone wants to buy a chess set how important it is to include the weighting. It’s the weight of the pieces which really makes a great difference in the feel and enjoyment of play and influences the decision to buy a chess set. Complimented by extremely high quality – our sets are exquisite purchases that you or your gift receiver will be proud of and enjoy playing with for many years to come. So only three closing words from Baron: Buy Chess Set

What if I buy a set from ChessBaron Canada and just change my mind?

A purchase from ChessBaron Canada is a purchase of peace of mind. Our primary mission is to maintain good relationships with our customers and therefore we strive to be accommodating wherever possible. We commit to being reasonable in regard to exchanges and refunds should you change your mind on receipt of the goods. See our delivery and returns policy for more details.

Can a damaged set be restored to it’s former glory?

Accidents happen in many forms. Fire, flood, pets and much more could affect a cherished set such that it loses it’s former glory. The set may not have been a cheap chess set. Relax. We have unique relationships with craftsmen that mean a ChessBaron set can be restored. We sell cheap chess sets, but not cheap in the pejorative sense. These are high quality but excellent economical prices. However your purchase may have been special and you may prefer a restoration. Therefore this might be the case with other sets not purchased from us. No problem. The set won’t have to be shipped outside the country – it can be restored with dedication, love and skill so that your cherished set looks just like new again, not just a cheap chess set.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your purchase via credit card through our payment gateway partner PayPal. Or you can send us a money order payable to ChesssBaron Canada.

Baron’s Chess Shops

We really do aim to make a difference! We beat conventional chess shops not just on price but on the other essential parts of chess shops customer experiences. We have the best quality sets made by the best craftsmen in the best possible country for set manufacturer. We have the best range in the UK we know about in chess shops with over 100 differenct sets accross a diverse price range.

We also beat other virtual chess shops by our excellent pictures of each set. We’re amazed that UK chess shops want you to part with significant sums of money on the basis of little more than a thumbnail photo. In this chess shop Baron provides 10 photographs for each set with each perspective having 2 subsequent close-ups where you can really see the detail.

We really care about our products and about our customers and want you to be happy with a quality product from our chess shop. We know you’ll be happier than with any other UK chess shop.