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Customer Reviews - ChessBaron Chess Sets Canada

What our Customers Say About Us

C.H from British Columbia


I just wanted to let you know that the chess set I order arrived on time and well before Christmas. Thank you for your time and advice on selecting the Morgan Rosewood set.

My husband was very much surprised and thought I did a great job selecting just the right set. His exact words were “It’s perfect!”. He has been so excited by it that he has been showing it to everyone who comes over.

I must agree with him when he said it is a beautiful set. Coming from someone who does not play chess or have a clue what makes a set beautiful or not, even I can appreciate quality when I see it.

Thanks again and feel free to use this email in your testimonials if you wish to do so.

R.F from Stonewall, MB

I just received my Kings Cross chess set in camel bone and the beautiful rosewood board. The pieces are truly magnificent, and I hardly think that the pictures on your site do it justice. Even a few of my friends, who are not chess players, have commented on the overall detail and beauty. When I had additionally requested for a darker wooden board, I was at least somewhat skeptical that you would find a rosewood board with a dark coloring for the black squares, but, again, you delivered. Furthermore, everything was well packed for its journey through the mail and arrived on time. I now look forward to bringing back old memories and inviting my father over to compete.

S.A. from Ontario

I received the replacement board and the four knights. The knights were a much appreciated gesture on your part. I have a rather low opinion of the majority of business people I have had to deal with, especially those who claim to have their customers’ best interests at heart.

You, however, do practise what you preach. You have been honest and direct in your dealings with me and, judging from the letters you’ve posted on your website, this seems to be your guiding business principle.

The knights from set X2023 are splendid and the board, B2009, is a pleasure to behold. In fact, chess set X2023 is delightful to the touch and eye when being used to play an actual game or when replaying, say, one of Capablanca’s masterpieces.

Also, I have several “lesser” chess sets which are actually enhanced when used with board B2009! When the time and need arises I shall be happy to purchase more chess materials from your website.

Thank you!

B.M. from Edmonton, Alberta

I had a very good experience with ChessBaron. The web site was very
informative and easy to use and I remember really enjoying reading the
comments about the different sets. Although the set I ordered arrived
with two broken pieces, Chess Baron very quickly shipped replacements.
The set I bought is absolutely beautiful and everyone who sees it
loves the knights.

I found ChessBaron on the internet while looking for a really nice
chess set for my husband, who had not had a new chess set since age
thirteen. I chose ChessBaron because it had beautiful chess sets, but
also because I wanted to be able to order from within Canada.

I would certainly buy from ChessBaron again; in fact, I am looking
forward to getting a special chess set for my son when he is a little

W.T. from Ontario

Today I received the M2032 Highest Quality Combination Chess Set which I ordered from Chess Baron Canada. The set arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. The set meets my expectations in every way. The combination case/board is especially fine – heavy, well made and beautifully finished. The pieces are well weighted and attractive. I was surprised to discover the felt slip-case for the board.. It was not mentioned on your web site and came as a pleasant addition to the set. I researched chess sets extensively on the internet and chose Chess Baron because of your great web site and because you are a Canadian distributor. I think this set is the perfect choice for a family chess set and is worthy of becoming a family heirloom. Mine will be passed on to my great grandchildren.

It was a positive experience to do business with Chess Baron. You have my unqualified recommendation!

A.B. from Ontario

I am just letting you know how pleased we were to have purchased from ChessBaron. Our experience throughout was superb. We called on a Saturday morning (my wife and I having thought that the other had ordered a chess set) for our son’s 7th birthday on the following Tuesday. The response was immediate and appropriate and we received the set on Tuesday, as promised. The set is now permanently set up in our music/games room, and it looks great. We would recommend ChessBaron to anyone else looking for a chess set.

V.S. from Ottawa

I am just letting you know how pleased we are with our purchase and the service you gave us. Although I did not ask for advice when I was ordering the chess set I was impressed that you called after I had placed the order to make sure I would be 100% happy with the case selection. You could have just sent me what I ordered, but the fact that you called to ensure that it was the right one made me feel very secure about the decision that I had made. I would definitely recommend asking for your advice if someone was purchasing a set as a gift for someone else. You obviously have the knowledge and expertise to help someone make an informed decision.

The set was delivered faster than I had expected. I placed the order 5 weeks before I needed it and it arrived two weeks later. The result was that I had to keep it hidden from my husband for 3 weeks and try to hide my big secret! It was packed very carefully as well.

The set itself is beautiful. My husband loves it and everyone has remarked on its beauty and quality. It is certainly something he will treasure the rest of his life! We now want to buy some sort of a display case to keep it in. He really loves the knights – especially the fact that they are laughing. You can tell that it is a high quality set. He is also very happy with the attractive custom case.

Your website really made it easy for me to purchase everything I needed. I really like how the right board and case are recommended with the pieces.

I really try to support Canadian companies so I was very happy to see that I could buy a nice set online in Canada. My husband had looked before and could not find anything. He has also looked locally but there is nothing here in Ottawa.

Another important selling point for me was the fact that shipping was included because I hate feeling like I am being taken advantage of with high shipping costs.

D.M. from Ontario

We absolutely love the luxury chess set we ordered from ChessBaron. Both the service and delivery exceeded our expectations. We ordered one day and received express the next day. We would definitely refer your site to friends or family.

Having researched our options on the internet we decided to place our order with ChessBaron, and we’re very glad that we did.

R.L. from Calgary

Decent company to deal and very quick to act. The order showed up well packaged and quite timely.

The only thing I’d like to see added to the descriptions of the products is a country of manufacture. I always try to go out of my way to buy Canadian.

Thanks again.

Jared from Calgary, Alberta

The timing was perfect for the arrival of my chess set, it came within a week and it arrived just before I was about to travel on vacation. It looked just like I envisioned it to be and a bit better, in my opinion ChessBaron is one of the best chess supplier, they have great customer service and unbeatable products. Thanks ChessBaron!

Amy from San Francisco

What excellent customer service! ChessBaron went out of its way to help me source a missing piece for my chess set. Now everyone can play again. Thank you so much!

Michelle Woodvine from Toronto

I recently purchased the pegged 5″x7″ travel chess set and my family and I are thrilled with it! It is a great travel set, with a lovely case and great definition in the pieces. I wasn’t sure about the size, as it is larger than some of the other pegged sets, but it has turned out to be a good compromise-large enough to facilitate easy play, but small enough to tote around comfortably.
Delivery was very prompt and customer service excellent.
Chess Baron will definitely be our source for all things chess in the future!

Corporal Michael J. Szczurko from Montreal

I have received consistent exceptional service from Chess Baron.
I wanted a robotic chess set that had to be special ordered from Asia. Chess Baron took care of that order and when it was discovered the order was back ordered the store managed to expedite the order and I managed to receive one within 2 months. Half a year later the unit malfunctioned. Without any delay or issues Will), the proprietor of Chess Baron, had a new unit tested, calibrated and shipped to me at no charge! I have done much e-business over the last 5 years and my dealings with this store has been second to none.
Best regards, Corporal Michael J. Szczurko. Canadian Armed Forces.

Happy Customer from Barrie

Highest quality chess sets I’ve ever seen. The craftsmanship is next to none. The customer service great.

Dominic Vozza from North York

X4001 Enhanced Citrine Chess Pieces – A beautiful set with a size well matched to the Citrine board. All the pieces look good with the nicely carved horses showing great detail. Decent heft to the pieces make game play much more satisfying. A nice surprise was an extra Queen of each colour. This set is a good buy.

Geoff Roulet from Kingston

Very quick delivery and exactly as described and pictured.

Glenn Empey from Peterborough ON

I am most pleased with my new King Charles chess set. The website photos provided an excellent representation of the actual pieces but in ‘real life’, they’re even more amazing! I love the board and case that I also ordered.’s service was exceptional! Accurate and helpful info when I was making my initial enquiries, timely responses, and superb customer care.

Thank you VERY much, Will!

Nadia Olenchuk from Ajax, Ontario

The service I received from ChessBaron Canada was outstanding and left absolutely no room for improvement! When I couldn’t find a discount coupon code, I was emailed one promptly. I received a tracking number along with notice that my parcel had been posted shortly after completing my transaction – and had a beautiful chess set in hand less than 48 hours later. Thank you so much!

Gerhard Obenauer from Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Purchased the Earl Anthony set and it is just as described – (words do not!!)
Love it!!

Jennifer from Hamilton, ON

I am very satisfied with my recent purchase from ChessBaron :)! I purchased a travel chess board for a family member and although their inventory online was incorrect they handled the mishap very well by offering me a refund or an upgraded chess board at no additional cost.
My purchase came very quickly in the mail and I was very impressed with the packaging. Looking forward to many chess matches over the holidays.
Thanks Chess Baron.

Graham Dickson from Iqaluit, Nunavut

I purchased a computerized chess board at least 5 years ago from Chess Baron. After my puppy decided one of the pieces was especially tasty we were worried that perhaps the entire game (which needs magnetized pieces for the computer) may be at risk. Chess Baron had the otherwise likely impossible-to-get piece and was mailed us a replacement piece. Thanks Chess Baron!

David Schneider from Kitchener, Ontario

My beautiful new chess set arrived today safe and sound in the well packed carton.
The chess set like the service from Chess Baron is top notch!
I shan’t hesitate in the purchase of other items from this site in the future!
Thank you very much!

Pamela Stewart from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Here on the Island winters are long and there’s no better way to spend
an evening then beside the fire playing chess! We purchased the rosewood
bridled knight set and rosewood board in Jan./13 and words cannot describe
the beauty and feel of the set. You have to experience it. I highly recommend
ChessBaron for their quality and impeccable service. Thank you ChessBaron!

John B Kortbeek from Calgary

We ordered The Ultimate Knight Chess Set in Bud Rosewood along with a leather chess storage chest and premium chess board. The quality and workmanship were superior, the pieces were beautiful and the service was excellent. Chess Baron then outdid themselves by replacing a rook that was besieged by our bulldog. Outstanding company, outstanding service.

Lee Di Mambro from Brooklin, Ontario

I received my Bridled Knight chess set today. It is more beautiful than I expected.

Thank you for the exceptional customer service.

Please let me know when the case comes in.

Jean-Robert Bulger from New-Brunswick

I wanted to buy a beautiful chess set of high quality on the internet, but I do not trust just any sites these day’s, you can never be too sure about the items you will buy.

I searched on a lot of sites and then I came to ChessBaron, with their exceptional sets AND free shipping. I finally made the decision to buy a set.

The shipping was fast and the package was well made to keep my chess set in the perfect shape. The pieces are truly beautiful, have a good balance and a good feel to it (weight). The board is also nice, everything was made with great care and skills. If I ever want to buy another set or someone asks me which site to go to to buy one, I have only one answer : ChessBaron.

Only negative point is : when I received my board, the felted base had one corner which did not stick to the glue, so I will have to put some glue there myself to make it perfect.

Items :
X2002 | Carved Chamfered Base in Black Chess Set
B3036 | Premium Quality Chess Board (2″ Squares)

Steve Nelson from Fort St. John, BC

I had purchased the Kings Cross chess set made from camel bone from ChessBaron and after owning the set for about a year my dog decided that he would chew on a few of the pieces. In the end the dog destroyed 3 of the pieces.

When I called ChessBaron to see if it would be possible to replace the pieces I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that not only would they replace the pieces, but there would be no charge!

This is some of the best customer I have ever experienced and I am totally satisfied. I will use ChessBaron in the future when I purchase other chess related products.

Anne from Orangeville

Thank you so much for the very quick delivery of the wonderful chess set I ordered as a birthday present. It actually arrived on the actual birthday, I never dreamt it would be so quick! The recipient was thrilled with the product!

Sharon Boegel from Windsor, Nova Scotia

My order arrived today Nov. 25th exactly as promised. The pieces are for my Grandson in Ottawa for Christmas. Thank You.

Karen Burrows from Pincourt, QC

Hello –
Very pleased to receive my new chess set. Had one similar to this many years ago, but lost some pieces in moving, etc. So very glad to have this set again. I personally am not thrilled with the paint on the “dark” pieces; found it rough, too thick and a questionable colour, but I can remedy that easily enough myself. So, overall, no regrets – I look forward to playing many games with this set. Thank you for your prompt and careful shipping. Regards, Karen Burrows

Jason Carriere from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thought the service on your site was quick with easy access to a sales representative. I look forward to my purchase and appreciate the rebate on my purchase.

I would recommend your site and products to my friends.

Michael Ellis from Port Perry, Ontario

My recent purchase of a Novag Carnelian II Chess Computer from ChessBaron was a model of great customer service. I was emailed to tell me when it came into stock, it was shipped the day after I ordered it and received just a few days later in excellent condition thanks to an great job of packaging done by ChessBaron, all in all just about unprecedented service in my opinion.

The Novag Carnelian II Chess Computer itself is quite an attractive unit, nice wood pieces with magnets that give them a feeling of weight, LCD readout to remind me what move Black made last and a reasonably sized board that fits well in my den. I haven’t tried out all the bells and whistles the computer offers yet but for straight up games it has been excellent with enough levels to keep me interested for a long time.

Thanks very much!

Jonathon from London, Ontario

I recently ordered the M2006 – Baron Royal Chess Set. The set while priced rather low, has a great amount of detail and good weight. I am very happy with the set and have just ordered a board to match the set. I will certainly come back here for luxury set once I can afford one.

M.W. from Ontario

I just received the TC2005 Isle of Lewis Chess Set in Rosewood & Ivory colors. I am very pleased with my Lewis Chessmen in terms of their size, weight and unusually large variety of figures unlike many of the sets I have seen available online. These are Canadian made and they are essentially novelty chess pieces by design, a little bit delicate and for me at least not really a full time playing set but one that I can happily display and an excellent value in my opinion. I have had a reproduction Isle of Lewis Bishop I picked up in London at the British Museum shop after first seeing the chessmen in the museum in 1997 so I have waited some appreciable period of time to obtain my own complete set and thanks to the usual fine service on the part of ChessBaron I didn’t have to wait very long once I ordered this set.

Thanks very much.

D. Anderson from Ontario

ChessBaron, thank you for getting the new Socrates chess set to me so very quickly. The Socrates chess pieces I ordered are wonderful, graceful and slightly modern looking and very unlike the other sets my husband has. The Knight is especially dramatic looking and the whole set will look very nice in his den. He is very pleased indeed.

Special thanks to Will for his help.

Jeffrey P from Iqaluit, Baffin Island Nunavut

I am really excited today to have received my Novag Citrine chess computer and enhanced pieces.
I want to thank Will for all his help and answering all my inquiries rapidly and professionally. I received a great price, excellent service and quick delivery, which by the way was free delivery, for someone who is stationed in a remote area of Canada and gets stung with high shipping cost this is the website of choice for me.

thanks to Will, and the ChessBaron team.

Paul Fournier from Petit-Rocher Queen, New-Brunswick

Is there such a thing as a virtual feel good experience when entering a web site similar to the feeling you get when entering a special store when shopping for something you are looking for? I believe there is such a feeling because that is what I felt when shopping for my chess pieces and entering your site! It is well constructed, professional, navigation is easy and lots of photos and good description of product along with very good price for high quality items. After placing my order I received my pieces promptly and was very pleased with the product. At chessBaron…it definitely is all about the customer! I would definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for chess related products!

Jean Lorhan from Victoria BC

The Chess Baron is absolutely one of the best places I have dealt with in a long time. Most helpful in suggesting the perfect chess set for my 9 Yr. old grandson. And, the best part -the price. I was so pleased that I could deal with a Canadian Company and make my purchase at a lower price than in the States. What a pleasure and I will be talking about this for a long time.

Garret Henry from Pickering, Ontario

I wish more businesses were like! I accidentally broke a chess piece from a set I ordered, and offered to pay for a new one, and they sent me one free of charge. Amazing customer service, I will recommend these guys until the very end!!

Geoff from Toronton

I highly recommend ordering from ChessBaron. I placed an order with them. One of the items was out of stock. I was emailed in less than 24 hours to let me know it was not available. I was then given the chance to be refunded or at no extra cost, to have the item upgraded.

This is how a company should be run and costumers treated. If you are thinking about ordering, do it!

Barbara Dirckx from Lions Head

I ordered the chess set on Tuesday and by Friday, it was delivered! Wow! The service at ChessBaron Canada is excellent! I received a follow up email prior to my order directly from the company.

The set arrived promptly. It looks much better than in the photo!

This is one set that I will have for years to come.

One very happy customer!

Margaret Stanley from Hamilton

We had a request from our twin grandsons for a Three Player Chess game and have been searching for some time. Anything we found was far too expensive, and nothing is available anywhere in the retail stores. Finally I found the game at ChessBaron and was so pleased with the price, ease of ordering, and payment choices. We took delivery only one day after ordering, and the game itself far exceeds our expectations. Thank you.

Karl A. from Brampton

Great service! I ordered the chess set around noon on Friday, December 19th, and Canada post delivered 48 hours later on Sunday, Dec 21!

I called the telephone # to ask a few questions. A real person answered, and I talked to the owner (sorry, forget the name, it was a few weeks ago), and got a friendly, knowledgeable response.

Product was exactly what I expected, packaged very protectively. When the package arrived, the shipping box had picked up a scrape, but snuggled deep inside, the product was cozy and safe.

This is e-commerce at its best. Thank you. – Karl

Rimas from Aurora

Ordered Wednesday, received in 2 days! Thanks for prompt shipping. Now my kids are really happy!

Dwain L Eckberg from Virgina

I had an excellent experience with Chess Baron Canada. My order came, as promised, and my conversations with the company were quite pleasing. I sensed a genuine willingness to help.

Sean Scally from Trenton Ontario

Just received my new board and pieces.. Thank you it is a very nice set
Be sure it will be put to good use .. Excellent service and speedy delivery much

Ted from Sudbury, ON

Thanks ChessBaron for the amazing chess board I bought for my son. He loves it! Great price for the great quality.
I want to say to everyone ordering, you will not be disappointed with the ease of ordering.
Thanks again, will be recommending ChessBaron.

Troy from Belleville

Ordered the M2028 Chess Champion 4.5 inch King Chess Set. It arrived quickly and well packaged with free shipping. The king, queen, and rooks look more conservative and refined in person and the knights more fierce. Some of the pawns have an intense and beautiful wood grain. Happy with the purchase, thank you Chess Baron.

Karl Mangaliman from Toronto

I heard a lot of good things about Chess Baron so I browsed their website and found lots of great chess pieces and boards. I called their number and spoke to Willy (sp?). He was very helpful and knowledgeable about their company, sources, and about their sets in general. With his help, I was able to find the perfect chess set for me.

The ordering process was seamless and the item shipped within 24 hours. When the item arrived, the packaging was secure and the valuable pieces and board were intact. The chess pieces (from their Ultimate line) and recommended board are a joy to behold. The pictures do not do them justice! Overall, I am an extremely happy customer and I look forward to dealing with Chess Baron again.

Anne J. from British Columbia

I just received my Reynard the Fox chess pieces. More beautiful then the pictures show. They have a nice, heavy feel and are a substantial size. Delivery was very quick and communication with the company was courteous and helpful. I look forward to playing with this set for years to come. Thank you.