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About Us

ChessBaron Canada

We aim to provide the finest shopping experience at ChessBaron Canada. Here is what you can expect:

  • By means of high quality, and finely detailed photography you will be able to examine the details of our sets and pieces that clearly show the level of craftsmanship in which you are investing.
  • Chess sets and chess boards are available separately, but we also make recommendations for pairing these up to make your choices easier. We also have some superb combination chess sets which include the chess board, chess case and chess pieces.
  • Online payments are processed by PayPal, a trusted and secure partner.
  • Deliveries of our chess sets are prompt – on average about 5-10 days for orders within Canada.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed by means of our straightforward returns policy.

About ChessBaron Chess Sets Canada

The company is owned by Baron Turner, and affiliated with the ChessBaron group of companies now established in several countries including the UK, USA and France.

Our mission is simple: To provide our customers with the highest quality chess sets at low prices. 

Achieving that mission is all about focus, and we are indeed highly focused. Our business is solely concerned with chess sets, chess boards and high quality chess pieces. We do not diversify our products into a wide variety of board games and toys. As much as we enjoy a good game of backgammon or table skittles, those are not our business. The motivation for opening was initially stimulated by our attempts to purchase a classic, high quality Staunton chess set online in Canada. You may have experienced for yourself this is no easy task, and so we decided to change things by becoming a first class online chess retailer for the Canadian market.

By partnering with the well established ChessBaron group of companies we have been able to significantly reduce the costs of these timeless and stately chess sets, and we are confident that will remain THE place to shop online for chess in Canada for years to come.