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  • Sale!

    Limited Edition – The Ezekiel Chess Pieces in Bud Rosewood (X3071)

    NEW and Limited Edition! In he finest Bud Rosewood, the Ezekiel set of chess pieces is a wonderful and beautiful example of the very best in chess design. As is often the case, our eyes are drawn to the knight with it's extravagant mane and facial detail. This model is ...

    List: CAD$895.00 CAD$695.00 View
  • Sale!

    The Milan Chess Set in Bud Rosewood (X3084)

    NEW! A dramatic and bold strike at a staunton chess design in Bud Rosewood using light and space that may be the best we've ever seen. A beautiful knight with superb detail and flair of expression. Parts of the horses mane straying over the face have a distinctly Italian ...

    List: CAD$1000.00 CAD$795.00 View