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Chess Sets that don't cost you too much!

Every chess set in our range is handmade, low priced and very high quality. Most are staunton chess sets, generally identified by the queen with it’s coronet and the horse figure as the knight (but watch it! Ours have teeth!).

These economy chess sets and chess pieces are made by dedicated craftsmen and are highly detailed. Boards to suit each chess set are found in the boards department and are priced to suit. The value for money in detail and quality of every set in this handmade hand carved range is very high. It’s just the price that’s low.

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    Cute Staunton in Sheesham Chess Set (E2002)

    Standard weighted chess set in the traditional staunton style. A great set with generous proportions and made from Golden Rosewood, also known as Sheesham wood. The King is 3" High

    List: CAD$95.00 CAD$59.00 View
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    Cute Staunton Double Weighted Chess Pieces (E2006)

    Classic staunton chess set with especially cute knight design - feels great in your hand. The set is made from sheesham wood and carved with good detail in the pieces. The chess set pieces are felted and have a double weighting. King is 3.5 inches high. The board selection ...

    List: CAD$89.00 CAD$69.00 View
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    Contemporary Modern Chess Set (E2003)

    Contemporary chess set. The design is staunton based but follows a more contemporary theme. The knights look attractive and have an innovative design. The king is 3 inch high and a base diameter of 1 inch. The wood used is solid Sheesham. An appropriate chess board for this ...

    List: CAD$119.00 CAD$79.00 View
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    American Staunton with 4in King Chess Set (E2010)

    Who'a, there! Just look on the teeth on those Knights! That there ain't no grin ma'am, they mean business. Here comes the Calvary!
    With nashing teeth and luxurious manes, these resplendent Knights clearly show the loving detail put into these American Staunton design ...

    List: CAD$119.00 CAD$79.00 View
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    Cute Staunton Ebonized Chess Set (E3002)

    Double weighted Ebonized chess set in the traditional staunton style. A great set with generous proportions and made from Ebonized wood. The King is 3" high.

    List: CAD$139.00 CAD$79.00 View
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    The Mandarin Weighted Ebonised Chess Set (E2105)

    Beautiful Eastern designed set of chess pieces with a good weight and size. Unusually each piece is the same base diameter making for a stunning equal distribution across the board or mat, and meaning a fair size of square is needed. King is 4" high and each piece is 1.1" ...

    List: CAD$139.00 CAD$99.00 View
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    The York Chess Set (M2111)

    The York chess pieces. Ebonized modern take on chess, and what an innovative design this is from their professional product design team. Clean lines and an ergonomic design. Each piece can be placed in several positions and particularly with the pawns, there is no base, they ...

    List: CAD$189.00 CAD$99.00 View
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    Very High Quality Magnetic Gloss 12 x 6 in Chess Set (M2015)

    A beautiful thick solid wood travel set of chess pieces, the board is particularly high in quality and the chess pieces equally high in craft quality. The board can be tipped upside down, knocked - and the pieces will remain in place, but yet the pieces are easy to move. The ...

    List: CAD$149.00 CAD$119.00 View
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    Concentric Ball in Rosewood Chess Set (M2025)

    The largest of the concentric ball chess sets. The King is 5.5 inches high in this Bud Rosewood set of chess pieces. Because of this the balance value is quite high, but normal for chess pieces with this size of King. It's a real ...

    List: CAD$395.00 CAD$129.00 View
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    Rollup Thick Leather Chess Case, Mat and Weighted Chess Pieces (E2047)

    High quality thick leather archer case. Comprises case/container, sumptuous leather chess mat and high quality double weighted staunton wooden chess pieces perfectly colored for the leather chess mat. Sumptuous, luxury feel. Move on from wood chess boards. Leather is nicer ...

    List: CAD$249.00 CAD$169.00 View