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Every Marble chess set in our range is handmade, low priced and very high quality. They are staunton in modal style, generally identified by the queen with it’s coronet and the horse figure as the knight. These marble chess pieces are made by dedicated craftsmen and are highly detailed. Boards to suit are included in these marble sets (which is not the case with our wooden sets in general) and have cases included too.

Note our chess tables too – they’re amazing!

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  • Sale!

    Marina and Boticini Black Marble Chess Set with Heavy Marble Board (M4004)

    16 inch solid and heavy Marble chess set with pieces, board and case all included. This new design to the ChessBaron inventory is outstanding in beauty and art, with a good size knight. Please look at the detail of the pieces - this is not a conventional marble chess set - ...

    List: CAD$329.00 CAD$269.00 View
  • Sale!

    Red and Black Marble Chess Set with Marble Board (M2091)

    Boldly colored 16 inch solid Marble chess set with pieces, board and case all included. A particularly detailed line in our Marble chess range, where detail and quality are the hallmarks with Beauty and elegance associated. The set all fits into a velvet case which is 16 ...

    List: CAD$369.00 CAD$295.00 View