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Every Marble chess set in our range is handmade, low priced and very high quality. They are staunton in modal style, generally identified by the queen with it’s coronet and the horse figure as the knight. These marble chess pieces are made by dedicated craftsmen and are highly detailed. Boards to suit are included in these marble sets (which is not the case with our wooden sets in general) and have cases included too.

Note our chess tables too – they’re amazing!

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  • Sale!

    The Zebra – Black Marble and White Onyx with Marble Board (M4000)

    Made in a wistful material that looks superb - this new staunton model is a marble and onxy set to enhance your game any time. Black Zebra marble with elements of grey and white. The light side is white onyx to contrast and match nicely. The whole set is 23 lbs in weight. ...

    List: CAD$295.00 CAD$199.00 View
  • Sale!

    Oceanic Fossil and Marble Chess Set with Marble Board (M4003)

    Delightful Dark Grey and Creamy White heavy chess set made from Ocean-base coral and marble material - made from sections of material - and finished to an amazing standard of smooth gloss quality. The board is included and is heavy marble made from the same material to match ...

    List: CAD$295.00 CAD$199.00 View