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    Backgammon 10 Inch or 28cm x 25cm (BG2004)

    Small size Backgammon complete set. Measures 10 inches by 6 inches when closed, and obviously 10 inches by 12 inches when opened. Board and pieces made in solid sheesham.

    List: CAD$99.00 CAD$79.00 View
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    High Quality Travel 12 inch x 6 inch Chess Set (E2016)

    Made in high quality sheesham wood this is a travel chess set of unusually high quality. The board is highly glossed and has a luxury look and feel to the whole chess set. The pieces are very small but have an admirable attention to detail for all the pieces. The set can be ...

    List: CAD$99.00 CAD$89.00 View
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    Backgammon 12 Inch or 34cm x 30cm (BG2005)

    Medium size Backgammon complete set. Measures 12 inches by 7 inches when closed, and obviously 12 inches by 14 inches when opened. It's slightly oblong because of the allowance for the stone placement outside the board area. Board and pieces made in solid sheesham.

    List: CAD$129.00 CAD$99.00 View
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    The Staunton Philippian Tower (E2018)

    With a chunky, ready-for-business knight this chess set has a robust yet sleek feel evident in the King and Queen detail and design. The pieces of the set compliment each other perfectly. The king is tall at 4.5 inch and the Queen has an attractive design. The rook brings ...

    List: CAD$169.00 CAD$119.00 View
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    Solid Stripped Sheesham Luxury Jewellery Box (A2020)

    A superb sophisticated product ? made in solid stripped sheesham with rosewood wooden hinges that really set it apart. A product that is breathtaking in quality and appearance. Measuring 13 inches wide ? the A2020 is a very high quality jewellery box. Store your valuables ...

    List: CAD$695.00 CAD$395.00 View