Berkeley Chess Ltd – Isle of Lewis Chess Set – Ivory and Brown



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Made in England by Berkeley Chess. Superb Isle of Lewis Chess Set in contemporary Ivory and BROWN. Weight and detail are the hallmarks of quality in a Lewis set of pieces. Berkeley Chess products have become the Gold standard in Theme chess quality. This Isle of Lewis set is expertly made from crushed marble – they are substantially heavy and very detailed from LASER scans of the originals.
The Viking hoard of ninety-three pieces, carved from walrus ivory and made in Scandinavia in the 12th century, were found after 700 years in a sand-dune at Uig on the island of Lewis in 1831. The craftsmanship varies from piece to piece but it is often the facial expressions that reveal their true quality. The hoard contained four distinct sets with some traces of dark red coloring on some of the pieces. The pieces are currently owned by the National Museum of Scotland and the British Museum.


King Height 3.5" (8.8cm). King Dia 1.65" (4.2cm). King Weight 145g (5oz)