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Welcome to the home of beautiful and classic chess sets in Canada. We are passionate about the game of chess, and are committed to offering the finest quality chess sets and chess boards at the lowest possible prices. Follow us on our Facebook page for news and current events in the chess world.

We now have specially created chess sets for blind and partially sighted chess players. Click here to see more on our Chess for the blind and visually impaired.

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Is your opponent taking all day to move? ChessBaron Canada has added BHB chess clocks to their line of chess products. BHB chess clocks are world renown for both their quality and durability. The BHB clock is a mechanical device that is German engineered, sturdy in construction and easy to use. Turn each match into a fair fight with one of these quality chess clocks.

Playing internet chess cannot compare to the feel of picking up a triple-weighted, hand carved knight, chomping at its bit as you deliver the coup-de-grâce to your opponent face to face, nor to the satisfaction of defeating your elegant chess computer.

Exquisite designs combined with high quality materials provide the ultimate in chess luxury. Even our economy chess sets in no way compromise our exceptionally high standards. You can buy with confidence since we firmly stand behind every last chess piece - the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn we dispatch. All our customers are protected by our clear returns policy and price guarantee.

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Whether you are treating yourself or buying a gift we are confident that you will not be disappointed with any ChessBaron product. From the luxury chess pieces of our highest end, triple weighted and felted pieces to charmingly compact magnetic and pegged travel sets - some of which will fit in the palm of your hand - we have traditional chess sets - or if you prefer our line of theme chess sets and unusual chess sets to please all tastes. Our latest addition is the ultimate chess sets; each set has such stunning detail in the chess pieces that we are sure you will appreciate. We also carry a great line in computer chess sets.

Please enjoy browsing our many Chess Sets online, and if you have any questions we are here to answer them. Just contact us for advice and information.

In general, the following principles apply:

Buy the Best
Most people only have one fine staunton chess set, with maybe a travel set too. So don't go cheap if your budget can take more. It's not as if our prices are the same as conventional stores! To have a beautiful chess product that can be passed on to the next generation with pride is rare and a valuable experience. We have the chess products to match.

Examine the Knight
With fine quality chess sets and chess pieces the Knight is often the heralder of quality or otherwise. Where the teeth are showing, the bridle a feature, or the nostrils flaring - ahah! that's a great set. But be sure that the chess pieces that compliment it are equally charming. That brings us to the next point: weight!

Consider Weighting
The higher quality chess sets have weight added into the base along with the wood used being of good density. To lift a triple weighted chess piece with weight is a wonderful experience. On the other hand to continually have to pick up non weighted fallen pieces because they've been the victim of a mistaken finger brush is frustrating. If your budget stretches, buy a weighted chess set.

Size the ChessBoard Properly
Having chosen the pieces, don't go cheap on the board. The chess board is almost 50% of the appeal. Great chess pieces on a great chess board look the part and impress greatly. We provide the recommended size of the chess board, so be sure that you have the room for the required board by multiplying the square size by 10 (Only 8 squares, but our boards have generous margins).

Thank you for visiting.

P.S. If you are in the UK then take a look at chess sets in the UK.