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S.A. from Ontario

I received the replacement board and the four knights. The knights were a much appreciated gesture on your part. I have a rather low opinion of the majority of business people I have had to deal with, especially those who claim to have their customers’ best interests at heart.

You, however, do practise what you preach. You have been honest and direct in your dealings with me and, judging from the letters you’ve posted on your website, this seems to be your guiding business principle.

The knights from set X2023 are splendid and the board, B2009, is a pleasure to behold. In fact, chess set X2023 is delightful to the touch and eye when being used to play an actual game or when replaying, say, one of Capablanca’s masterpieces.

Also, I have several “lesser” chess sets which are actually enhanced when used with board B2009! When the time and need arises I shall be happy to purchase more chess materials from your website.

Thank you!