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V.S. from Ottawa

I am just letting you know how pleased we are with our purchase and the service you gave us. Although I did not ask for advice when I was ordering the chess set I was impressed that you called after I had placed the order to make sure I would be 100% happy with the case selection. You could have just sent me what I ordered, but the fact that you called to ensure that it was the right one made me feel very secure about the decision that I had made. I would definitely recommend asking for your advice if someone was purchasing a set as a gift for someone else. You obviously have the knowledge and expertise to help someone make an informed decision.

The set was delivered faster than I had expected. I placed the order 5 weeks before I needed it and it arrived two weeks later. The result was that I had to keep it hidden from my husband for 3 weeks and try to hide my big secret! It was packed very carefully as well.

The set itself is beautiful. My husband loves it and everyone has remarked on its beauty and quality. It is certainly something he will treasure the rest of his life! We now want to buy some sort of a display case to keep it in. He really loves the knights – especially the fact that they are laughing. You can tell that it is a high quality set. He is also very happy with the attractive custom case.

Your website really made it easy for me to purchase everything I needed. I really like how the right board and case are recommended with the pieces.

I really try to support Canadian companies so I was very happy to see that I could buy a nice set online in Canada. My husband had looked before and could not find anything. He has also looked locally but there is nothing here in Ottawa.

Another important selling point for me was the fact that shipping was included because I hate feeling like I am being taken advantage of with high shipping costs.