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Jean-Robert Bulger from New-Brunswick

I wanted to buy a beautiful chess set of high quality on the internet, but I do not trust just any sites these day’s, you can never be too sure about the items you will buy.

I searched on a lot of sites and then I came to ChessBaron, with their exceptional sets AND free shipping. I finally made the decision to buy a set.

The shipping was fast and the package was well made to keep my chess set in the perfect shape. The pieces are truly beautiful, have a good balance and a good feel to it (weight). The board is also nice, everything was made with great care and skills. If I ever want to buy another set or someone asks me which site to go to to buy one, I have only one answer : ChessBaron.

Only negative point is : when I received my board, the felted base had one corner which did not stick to the glue, so I will have to put some glue there myself to make it perfect.

Items :
X2002 | Carved Chamfered Base in Black Chess Set
B3036 | Premium Quality Chess Board (2″ Squares)