The Tuscany Bridle in Bud Rosewood



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Triple weighted, Double Queened, outstanding chess design with detailed knight and innovative double crowned Queens. Double Crown and double Queen. Standing a proud 4.4″ high with a base diameter of 1.8″, the King is a superb triple weighted piece (as are all the pieces) and feels great to move across the chess board. The Tuscany is one of the finest chess sets in the world. Exceptionally difficult to make because of the detail of carving involved, this line is made from the finest Bud Rosewood and results in a work of art that is simply breathtaking.
Select a board (not included) that has squares of at least 2″ – preferably greater.


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King 4.4" High, Base Dia 1.8", King Weight 90g, Double Queens (4 in total), Triple Weighted