The Zephaniah Staunton Triple Weight in Bud Rosewood Chess Set



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This set is hand carved from bud rosewood. The knight even has a bridle and a substantial amount of other detail. The carvers of Amritsar in India are in demand for their skill, and this is the reason why. To create this piece takes over two days. The detail of the piece draws gasps from people who see it. The pieces of the luxury chess set is triple weighted and the king is 4 inch in height. The rook is supremely balanced and has a full mid section. The pawns are sleek and well proportioned. As with it’s neighbour, the Earl Anthony, we are simply amazed at the detail of the pieces and cannot find adequate words to describe the beauty of the Bridled Knight. We recommend a board with 2 inch squares.


King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.85 inch. Triple Weighted 121g

Balance: 0.18