Genuine Onyx Chess Set with Marble Board



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This product from Chess Baron: This chess set is made from Onyx, the semi-precious gem stone. The weight of the set is significant. The board is made in Marble. Onyx is a translucent, semi-precious gem stone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. For centuries the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans acknowledged Onyx for its mystical properties and it was used to adorn places of worship. Due to the translucent nature of Onyx, when placed in front of a light source – the colors are impressive. It is believed that Onyx helps it’s owner to control their environment, enhance instinct. People who wear jewellery made of Onyx stone claim that it aids grief and enhances self-control along with aiding with decision making. Whether there is any truth in these claims or not, Onyx is a valuable and unusual material which has resulted in a wonderful chess set.
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King Height 3.1 inch. Base Diameter 1 inch. Weight 40g. Overal weight 5.2 Kg