The Elvis Presley Chess Set



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Made from crushed marble, this chess set represents the iconic and world changing artist. Nice dense weight, feels great. Elvis Presley is widely considered as the “King of Rock and Roll” and had a significant impact on popular music and culture. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935, he rose to fame in the 1950s with his unique fusion of country, R&B, and pop music. He popularized rock and roll music, which was previously seen as rebellious and unacceptable, and brought it into mainstream popularity. His iconic gyrating hips and energetic stage presence revolutionized the music industry and inspired many future musicians.

King: Elvis Presley
Queen: Graceland, his Memphis family home
Bishop: Hound Dog holding wooden heart plaque with letters TCE (Taking care of Elvis)
Knight: Teddy bear on Tank representing his time in the US army
Rook: Sun Recording Studio where Elvis first recordings were made and his career begins
Pawn: Symbol of the music for which Elvis was King

NOTE: Chess board not included, this is a separate purchase.


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King height: 3.5", King Dia 1.25", King weight 70g