Celtic Chess Pieces



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Free Shipping! Full size chess set. The Celtics were inhabitants of Western Europe (Ireland, Wales, Brittany and the Highlands of Scotland). They were subjected to raids by Vikings and Norsemen and our chess set is the story of a battle between the Irish King Brian Boru, and the Viking invaders at Clontarf – Dublin. Though the Celts managed to defeat the Viking invaders, Boru was slain. This chess set features the principal characters involved in the battle and depicts Celtic designs and artefacts of the period.
The chess set portrays many of the characteristics of the era with authentic and historically correct artefacts shown in splendid detail. The skill and workmanship of the Celtic tribes was demonstrated by their artistic and unique designs, recognised throughout the world and reproduced here in this magnificent chess set.


Heavy Weighted in Crushed Stone. King Size 4.25 inches