Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces



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This historic design is an important part of history – this version is made of crushed marble and bonded wiith high quality resin. The higher quality Isle of Lewis chess sets are generally made from either crushed stone or even better, crushed marble, then bonded with a resin. Cheaper designs can be made from plastic with artificial weighting added, or even worse, no weighting at all. The originals were carved (or chipped) from stone. Found in the early 1800’s on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland they are believed to be a Norse design carved from walrus tusk dated around 1280AD. The original Isle of Lewis chess pieces are in the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland at Edinburgh. Another indication of quality exists in the colouring. Ideally the dark side should have a significant beetroot colouring, not just black. This design adheres to the originals closely.


Authentic Ise of Lewis chess pieces in Crushed Marble. Full Size.