Chess Champion 4.5 inch King Staunton Chess Pieces



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Oooh, that lovely rosewood. This triple weighted rosewood chess set with a larger than normal King at 4.5 inches. The set is rustic in nature and the size of the King makes for a great chess set that needs room and adds atmosphere. Along with it’s neighbour the ‘Exec Luke’, this set is outstanding value and could easily be placed in the luxury sets section. The detail of the knight is, like our luxury chess range, intricate. All the teeth show along with a detailed mane – he could do with a tooth brush if you ask me. What? You weren’t asking me… Well anyway, this is staunton at it’s best and given extra finesse with the Knight’s detail. The board for this larger triple weight set of chess pieces should have 2 inch squares.


King Height 4.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.9 inch. Triple Weighted 89g.

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