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This product from Chess Baron: Shredder is the program that for the past few years was able to win more world championship titles than any other. The new version, Shredder 11, is stronger than any previous version, with its performance improved by about 100 Elo points. This was achieved by implementing more effecient search techniques and a new evaluation function which provides more realistic assessments. Shredder still likes to go on the attack, but is not as speculative as previous versions. The evaluation of passed pawns has also been greatly improved. All of this leads to more reliable and realistic results during your analysis with the computer. A completely new feature is the Opening Advisor, which allows Shredder to handle opening lines much better without the help of an openings book. Included in delivery: Original Fritz 10 interface: extensive training and entertainment features for beginners, club players and grandmasters. Shredder 11 also gives you full and free access to the ChessBase Playchess server (1 year), where you can play games against people all over the world. Naturally the Shredder 11 engine runs under the Fritz interface. Tournament opening book: The enhanced and extended Shredder opening book gives you full statistical information about every move that has been played in the current position. In addition you get a database with one million historic and current games.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows Vista or XP, DVD ROM drive, Windows Media Player.
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