Novag Star Beryl Chess Computer



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This product from Chess Baron:

  • Reliable table-top chess computer with easy to operate sensor technology
  • Strong program with upgraded 128 playing levels including problem solving levels up to Mate-in-6
  • Programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, knows en-passant moves, castlings and pawn promotion
  • Check, Stalemate and Mate anouncement
  • Fast response times
  • Plays against itself
  • Including HINT and TRAINING features if you need advice
  • Easy correction through TAKE BACK function (up to 25 half moves).
  • Position verification and position set-up for problem solving
  • Saves game position in MEMORY when switched off
  • One set of 6 x AA alkaline batteries (not supplied) allows an incredible 1000 hours of play or optional mains adaptor
  • Strength 1500 elo, 110 BCF
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