Novag Obsidian Chess Computer



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This product from Chess Baron: The Obsidian boasts x and y-axis LED’s – exceptionally easy to use functions and a swish carry case included. The pieces are genuine sheesham wood and the whole product is good for both playing electronically or playing with a human opponent. Excellent and good-looking press-sensory computer, with varying strengths – highly rated at its top playing Tournament time controls and Blitz, but with special novice, hobby and teaching levels for the less experienced. A lovely board with smart wood felted pieces and a fitted fabric carry case for computer and pieces. Novag’s best in this price range and a contender for the Novag crown!

  • Selective Search rating 170 BCF/1960 Elo
  • A Dave Kittinger program running on a fast H8 2 x 16MHz RISC processor – 20% faster than the earlier program running on the Emerald Classic Plus so making the Obsidian Novag’s most competitive mid-price range computer!
  • Great 6-digit display system for valuable game analysis, evaluations, clock times and other information
  • Multiple time control levels, including mate solving up to m/8
  • Attractive and bigger-than-usual 22.5 x 22.5 cm (9 inches) playing area, soft-touch playing surface. Overall dimensions are 29 x 33cm (11.5 X 13 inches)
  • Other features include 8,900 position Opening Book, also computer able to give warning if user makes a non-Book move. Advanced Trainer for mates, tactics and endgames. Comes with smart fitted fabric carry case for the board and wood felted pieces.
  • C Batteries or Mains Adaptor
  • The Obsidian is the Jewel in Novag’s crown!
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