Novag Carnelian II Chess Computer



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The Carnelian is a technically advanced computer and has the classic look of wood. (The pieces are actually high quality genuine sheesham wood, the board itself is feux wood. Learn basic moves and tactics with the TEACH MODE function and progress quickly in your game with the integrated training system. This chess computer will give novice players a chance to win and at the same time will be a challenge for all regular players.

  • Stylish table-top chess computer with beautifully carved wooden chess pieces.
  • The 16K strong program with a 8 MHz system clock speed and it s many features allows a varied and challenging game.
  • The wide-ranging opening book contains more than 8500 halfmoves, including exciting middle and end game strategies.
  • 128 level settings, including training, tournament and problem solving levels.
  • Move TAKE BACK, HINT, TRAINING, and REFEREE features help to improve your game.
  • As all Novag chess computers this model is programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, knows en-passant moves, castlings and pawn promotion.
  • The Novag Carnelian can play against itself and also makes Check, Stalemate and Mate announcements.
  • Many hours of playing time from 6 x AA alkaline batteries or the optional 9V NOVAG mains adaptor for long term usage.
  • Specification

    Overall Dimensions 30cm x 27cm (11.8 X 10.8 inches)