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This product from Chess Baron: Novag’s new desktop model. Mains adaptor included in this price. The Citrine is a new beautiful 37cm x 37cm (14.6 inches) full auto-sensory chess computer with genuine sheesham wood pieces. Novag have worked hard to get on top of any competiton for the finest chess computer. They’ve produced a model where the materials used are wood and the strength rating is an incredible 2200 elo. The machine is a high quality computer that is made from wood, has excellent cabinet quality (recently improved) and well finished chess pieces. The board has female connections within the board and so can be utilised for playing as a normal game with a friend or as a computer with the easy removal of the LCD unit and power supply. The computer has a large portfolio of openings and varying strength levels. Four lights on each square make it easy to play with and to see what’s happening. The new Novag Citrine is an excellent quality chess computer and represents the latest and finest in electronic innovation from Novag. Here’s the full spec.

  • Magnet sensor wooden chessboard (size 37 x 37 x 3.5 cm)
  • Hand carved sheesham wood staunton chess pieces
  • 81 LED lights to indicate each move, (each square has 4 LED indicators)
  • Detachable LCD screen for attaching and detaching the LCD at any point during the game
  • Menu access is via the chessboard
  • Will connect to the PC to print/store/follow games
  • 64 strength Level settings
  • Est. ECF rating 190, USCF 2350 (Manufacturer statement) or ELO 2200
  • Opening book with 24,000 halfmoves
  • Random, Easy, Sound, Game Review, Autoplay, Setup, Flip board functions
  • Operates with mains adaptor (included in the price).
  • For Techies: The chip used is the Renesas H8/3687 which has 56k of program (ROM) memory and 3k of RAM with CPU speed 20 MHz.

    For the Citrine Senator (the enhanced version) – see below, or click here: Citrine Senator

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    Mains Adaptor Included in this price