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We love Staunton because we are chess purists. We play the game regularly. But if you don't play tournaments, why not choose a tweak on the regular staunton style? All our sets are based on the Staunton design, but many have twists that really make the design stand out and say 'discerning' in many ways. Take the flagship Ultimate Knight Chess Set which just brings tears to our eyes for majesty and beauty of design. Ya can't play tournaments with it - but you can distinguish the pieces just the same as with any other staunton. Or a more daring Lotus Carved - can you be that different?

Canon Chess Set Sheesham (M2011)

King Height 3 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Double Weighted 35g.

Tradition mixed with Innovation and mixed more with Novelty in the Canon chess pieces. The most striking chess piece is the castle with it's classic shape turned into a cannon, but the other chess pieces compliment it. Aggressive huh? It's all.... well,... all ready for battle with four cannons to join in the war. I'm out of here! All the pieces have a chunky base with artful carvings. Notice how the Queen chess piece has a sash painted on her base almost like a skirt. The knight has a determined expression and pose. A striking set that says 'different' throughout. A rustic board with 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch individual squares will be suitable for this innovative example of a set of chess pieces. Special Deal! Wooden Chess Case Included!

List CAD$169.95 CAD$99.99


Unusual chess sets

We hope you enjoyed these more unusual examples of Baron chess sets. If you want to be different - buy an unusual set from the Chess Baron, these are wonderful sets that just say 'discerning' all over them. The detail is similarly strong as the more traditional flavor of chess sets that are available from many chess stores in North America - these designs are not generally available from many places - and are therefore especially desirable. I hope you enjoyed the browse, and that you will make a choice for quality - a choice of a Baron.

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