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Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a cheap section. True, the prices might lead you to think that way, but the quality is such that the section is outstanding in chess design and value. What do you get for the price? You get the Baron design with the Baron quality. You get piece of mind knowing that the sets you purchase are a discerning choice, just like the Jaques design, Baron provides chess sets with heritage and with an appreciating future. Look towards the end of the section for often missed excellent chess sets - we can't squeeze everything into the luxury chess section, and these last few chess sets only just miss the category - sometimes for arbitrary reasons.

Hannah Grand Staunton Chess Set (M2030)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 81g.

Ebonized triple weighted chess pieces with a 4 inch King and generous base dimension. A perfect tournament chess set with a little more luxury than usual. See the detail of the nostrils, the eyes, ears - someone has really taken some time with this one! Should be in the luxury section but we've got to draw the line somewhere and we do it based on price and what Janet tells us (she's so bossy!) Many of the luxury chess sets are no better than this example - it just depends on what our suppliers charge us. The level of Staunton finesse is rarely this high - a wonderful chess set. The board for this set should be 2 inch squares.

List CAD$299.00 CAD$219.95


Hannah Grand Staunton in Rosewood Chess Set (M2038)

King Height 3.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Triple Weighted 56g.

New! The Hannah comes in more than one type - this is the rich coloured Bud Rosewood 3.5 inch King version - a magnificent example of staunton at it's finest. Rarely can there be found a bud rosewood triple weighted and felted staunton chess set at this price, it's stunning and outstanding and at this place in the mid priced section - easy to miss as one of the best mid priced example of staunton chess sets in our inventory along with it's slightly larger sister the M2040.

List CAD$299.00 CAD$219.95


The Rebecca in Sheesham (M2055)

Sheesham. King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted (60g).

New!This product from Chess Baron: Made in Sheesham - the Rebecca is a beautifully designed set of chess pieces. The King stands at 4 inches high, so is a full sized chess set. The width of the King makes the set require a board with close to 2 inch squares. Chess Baron Chess Sets: Because we know you care - we care. Buy Peace of mind - Buy Chess Baron.

List CAD$299.00 CAD$199.99


The Alban Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham Wood (M2057)

King Height 4.4 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 82g.

New!The Alban pieces combines the classic style of Staunton wooden chess pieces. The pieces are made from Sheesham wood. This set comes with double queens and has felt bottoms.

List CAD$290.00 CAD$199.99


Highest Quality Combination Chess Set 18 x 18 inch (M2032)

King Height 4 inch Base Diameter 1.65 inches Double Weighted

Double Queen Combination Chess Set. If you're looking for a high quality combo chess set - look no further. This is our best combination chess set (combination in that the pieces and board are all self contained). The board is thick and solid - when folded the thickness is just over three inches! The squares are a generous 1.75 inches and each chess piece is well crafted with custom sizing which suits the board perfectly. We doubt there is better available anywhere. The set even has double queens! This is one of our very best products and is certain to bring pleasure to any owner. You'll be very happy with this set

List CAD$249.00 CAD$199.95


Philippino Staunton - 6 inch King Chess Set (M2031)

King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch

This product from Chess Baron:Gosh - 6 inches? Eeek - what's the weather like up there buddy? The 6 inch king takes the spotlight, but notice other aspects of the chess pieces too. The design of the King and Bishop chess pieces are highlighted by a series of mid discs, kind of Jupiter-esque. The Philippino style of chess piece comes through strongly in the rounded bases, which is strongest in the knight as it offsets it's handsome sleek top. The Rook's button-tiered style make this chess piece complement the set well. Playing chess with pieces that have some height is an enjoyable experience. With this set and it's 6 inch king, a 2 inch board square is recommended.

List CAD$204.95 CAD$169.95


The Meghdoot Chess Set in Rosewood (M3045)

King Height 3.3 inch. Base Diameter 1.4 inch

We made the Meghdoot in Grade One Rosewood specially for a customer, and decided that it would be a great addition to the range. Note the easy curves of the knight which is very pleasing to the eye. With a smaller king (3.3 inches) designed for a smaller board (optional extra) taking up less space in the household, the Rosewood Meghdoot is a great purchase for these and may other reasons. It just looks so nice. Chess Baron Chess Sets: Because we know you care - we care. Buy Peace of mind - Buy Chess Baron.

List CAD$249.00 CAD$159.99


The Morgan - Double Weighted Rosewood Chess Set (M2026)

King Height 3.75 inch. Dia 1.6 inch. Weight 68g

Very good value rosewood set with excellent weight and balance. Needs a board with 1.75 inch squares. The pieces feel good in the hand and comprise a classic Staunton set of mid priced chess pieces. The pawns have a particularly good appearance - often the tell-tale symbol of an excellent set, the grain of the rosewood is very attractive.

List CAD$238.00 CAD$149.95


Executive Luke Staunton Chess Set (M2027)

King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Triple Weighted 79g.

Towards the end of the mid-price range we have some often missed outstanding value chess sets. After all - if you're this far through, why not go to the luxury section - right? Wrong. These are luxury too - but there has to be some price division. This chess set could just be the best value in the entire inventory. It represent particular value across our range. The chess pieces are triple weighted, made from solid chidar wood with the dark pieces blackened for the ebony appearance. The chess pieces are excellently carved with great attention to the detail of the knight. The pieces are more reminiscent of expensive sets of chess pieces judging from the attention to detail in the knight and it's companion chess pieces. The set is traditional Staunton. It has a king with height of 3.75 inch. The chess pieces would be well suited to a board with 1.75 inch or 2 inch individual squares.

List CAD$210.00 CAD$149.95


Highest Quality Combination Chess Set 16 x 16 inch (M2094)

King Height 3 inch Base Diameter 1.3 inches. Weighted

New!Superb high quality stripped Sheesham combination chess set. That means you get the pieces, box to keep them in each with their own space, and the board, which is the cabinet itself. See these great images to get an idea of this quality product - we have the large version (M2032 with double Queens) and this medium version (single Queens). The smaller version is the E2019 on the economy page. The pieces are solid, King height is 3 inches, and the whole product is made to last longer than you and I.

List CAD$179.00 CAD$129.95


Tournament Staunton 4 inch King Chess Set (M2008)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 72g.

OK - let's get real. This really is traditional staunton chess - no messing, and excellent value it is too. A triple weighted chess set for a surprisingly low price. The set is high quality, crafted in rosewood and solid chidar. The high triple weighting is unusual for this price and the overall quality is not compromised in any way. One of the best value items in our inventory. The board size for these chess pieces should ideally be with 2 inch squares.

List CAD$166.00 CAD$119.95


Magnetic Luxury Travel Chess Set with Board (M2023)

King Height 2.5 Inches

Sorry this item is out of stock. Available early February 2019

An exceptional travel magnetic chess set with a King at 2.5 inch high and a total weight of 1.9kg. The set measures 12 inch x 12 inch and is 1.6 inch thick. The set has an internal insert for each chess piece. The pieces are well finished with good attention to detail, and the attached, enclosing board is very high in quality. The set and it's parts are finished very well and the inserts fit well with no sticking or rough parts. We have one of these in the office ready to pack away when the boss walks in - it's our choice when the need is 'on the go'. We sent Janet to the North Pole with this one, and it came back intact. Admittedly the chess pieces were now frozen on instead of magnetized - but it still did very well. There is a ball-bearing midway through the insert edge to keep the insert in it's place, this operates smoothly and without any exertion needed to open or close. With many cheap travel sets on the market, this isn't one of them - a very good value and high quality magnetic chess set. (And no - she didn't even bring a polar bear back for us).

List CAD$149.00 CAD$99.99


Canon Chess Set Sheesham (M2011)

King Height 3 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Double Weighted 35g.

Tradition mixed with Innovation and mixed more with Novelty in the Canon chess pieces. The most striking chess piece is the castle with it's classic shape turned into a cannon, but the other chess pieces compliment it. Aggressive huh? It's all.... well,... all ready for battle with four cannons to join in the war. I'm out of here! All the pieces have a chunky base with artful carvings. Notice how the Queen chess piece has a sash painted on her base almost like a skirt. The knight has a determined expression and pose. A striking set that says 'different' throughout. A rustic board with 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch individual squares will be suitable for this innovative example of a set of chess pieces.

List CAD$165.00 CAD$99.95


Beautiful 10 inch X 10 inch Mobile Combo Board and Chess Pieces (M2016)

King Height 2.25 inch, Individual Squares are 1 inch

This travel chess set is very good value - having very thick wooden casing and good quality chess men. It has a highly glossed surface with lovely high quality chess pieces. The pieces are carved with great attention to detail. They have good magnetism and can easily stay on the board with the board turned upside down. The magnetism is unobtrusive but very functional. The set is 10 inches X 10 inches. A lovely magnetic chess set from ChessBaron.

List CAD$139.00 CAD$89.95


Black and White Staunton Charlotte Chess Set (M2017)

King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Double Weighted 32g.

This black and white is Staunton through and through. The white pieces has a touch of light yellow to provide a bit of uniqueness to this set. The King is 3.75 inch high and the set has good weighting. The rook chess piece has an attractive stumpy style and lends a look of solidarity in it's flank position among the chess pieces. But the striking color difference is the strength of this set of chess pieces, and the factor which makes this chess set an excellent choice if you like black and white.

List CAD$169.95 CAD$89.95


Chess Pieces

Few people have chess sets in their household that are as fine as these lovely sets. The detail is evident and the quality obvious. These are not just a range of chess sets. We have looked carefully in sourcing this range to provide you with something worthwhile - you who are parting with your hard earned dollars and you who want to be sure that the product is worthy of that difficult parting. We will not disappoint you. Our chess designs in this section are worth your time to look through and make the safe decision to buy piece of mind - to buy 'Baron'.

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