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From Chess Baron

Pegged and Magnetic chess sets have come a long way over the last few years. Recall those sets that were supposed to be magnetic but kept falling off ruining the game? Not so with these specially sourced travel chess sets made available through the chess Baron. You can turn the board upside down, shake it, and the pieces will not move - turn the board back up the right way and continue the game! Or play upside down if you prefer. The peg chess sets are superb in detail - no problem telling apart the bishops and the pawns. Fold the set up, travel on to the next stop point, open the set up and continue the game. Treat yourself to a beautiful travel chess set design - see the Moon Drawers design, or the fold-up magnetic design in various sizes. And note the quality of the wood in boards too - they are generally quite thick and bespeak quality. Travel chess designs from the Chess Baron - enjoy looking.

Highest Quality Combination Chess Set 18 x 18 inch (M2032)

King Height 4 inch Base Diameter 1.65 inches Double Weighted

Double Queen Combination Chess Set. If you're looking for a high quality combo chess set - look no further. This is our best combination chess set (combination in that the pieces and board are all self contained). The board is thick and solid - when folded the thickness is just over three inches! The squares are a generous 1.75 inches and each chess piece is well crafted with custom sizing which suits the board perfectly. We doubt there is better available anywhere. The set even has double queens! This is one of our very best products and is certain to bring pleasure to any owner. You'll be very happy with this set

List CAD$249.00 CAD$199.95


Highest Quality Combination Chess Set 16 x 16 inch (M2094)

King Height 3 inch Base Diameter 1.3 inches. Weighted

New!Superb high quality stripped Sheesham combination chess set. That means you get the pieces, box to keep them in each with their own space, and the board, which is the cabinet itself. See these great images to get an idea of this quality product - we have the large version (M2032 with double Queens) and this medium version (single Queens). The smaller version is the E2019 on the economy page. The pieces are solid, King height is 3 inches, and the whole product is made to last longer than you and I.

List CAD$179.00 CAD$129.95


Magnetic Luxury Travel Chess Set with Board (M2023)

King Height 2.5 Inches

Sorry this item is out of stock. Available early February 2019

An exceptional travel magnetic chess set with a King at 2.5 inch high and a total weight of 1.9kg. The set measures 12 inch x 12 inch and is 1.6 inch thick. The set has an internal insert for each chess piece. The pieces are well finished with good attention to detail, and the attached, enclosing board is very high in quality. The set and it's parts are finished very well and the inserts fit well with no sticking or rough parts. We have one of these in the office ready to pack away when the boss walks in - it's our choice when the need is 'on the go'. We sent Janet to the North Pole with this one, and it came back intact. Admittedly the chess pieces were now frozen on instead of magnetized - but it still did very well. There is a ball-bearing midway through the insert edge to keep the insert in it's place, this operates smoothly and without any exertion needed to open or close. With many cheap travel sets on the market, this isn't one of them - a very good value and high quality magnetic chess set. (And no - she didn't even bring a polar bear back for us).

List CAD$149.00 CAD$99.99


Beautiful 10 inch X 10 inch Mobile Combo Board and Chess Pieces (M2016)

King Height 2.25 inch, Individual Squares are 1 inch

This travel chess set is very good value - having very thick wooden casing and good quality chess men. It has a highly glossed surface with lovely high quality chess pieces. The pieces are carved with great attention to detail. They have good magnetism and can easily stay on the board with the board turned upside down. The magnetism is unobtrusive but very functional. The set is 10 inches X 10 inches. A lovely magnetic chess set from ChessBaron.

List CAD$139.00 CAD$89.95


Wooden Chess, Checkers, Backgammon - 16 inches x 8 inches (folded) with Curved Edge (T6003)

King height 3.25 inches

With this wooden 3 in 1 game you can play either chess, checkers or backgammon. The board measures 16 inches x 16 inches when opened and the squares are 1.5 inches. When closed it measures 16 inches x 8 inches. A handle is carved for easy carrying. The king height is 3.25 inches.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$79.95


Self Stored Chess Set including Pieces (E2019)

King Height 3.25 inch 14 inch x 7 inch

Combination chess set with pieces along with board. The pieces of the set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has quality in the foldup case doubling as a board. The integral board is well rounded at the corners and is thick when folded. The coloring of the squares is attractive with a warm golden wood appearance. An excellent example of value chess sets and board combination.

List CAD$130.00 CAD$69.99


Wooden Rectangular Chess, Checkers, Backgammon - 16 inches x 8 inches (folded) (T6006)

King height 3.25 inches

December Sale Only!With this wooden 3 in 1 game you can play either chess, checkers or backgammon. The board measures 16 inches x 16 inches when opened and the squares are 1.5 inches. When closed it measures 16 inches x 8 inches. A handle is carved for easy carrying. The king height is 3.25 inches.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$59.99


Wooden Chess Checkers, Backgammon - 13 inches x 6.5 inches (folded) (T6004)

King height 3 inches

With this wooden 3 in 1 travel set you can play chess, checkers or backgammon. The board measures 13 inches x 13 inches when opened and the squares are 1.5 inches. When closed it measures 13 inches x 6.5 inches. The king height is 3 inches.

List CAD$69.00 CAD$54.95


Combined Chess Set with Pieces and Holding Board (E2017)

King Height 2.25 inch. Board Dimensions: 12 inch by 6 inch by 3 inch with squares of 1.5 inch. Weight 780g.

A rustic combined chess set with board and pieces - not magnetic. The chess pieces have felted bottoms and are well made with boxwood and rosewood. The set measures 12 inches by 6 inches. The case, or holding board, has well made catches and a feeling of robust construction.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$49.95


Quality Magnetic Chess Set 5 inches x 5 inches (T2010)

Magnetic chess set with internal sliding drawer. Our magnetic sets have come a long way in the last few years. This compact little magnetic chess set is really super. Such tiny but well-formed pieces with such excellent detail! They are magnetised to such a high degree of quality that the set can easily be turned upside down, knocked, jostled - and the pieces on this magnetic chess set stay in place. Yet, the pieces can still easily be moved from square to square without any discernable drag from the magnets. The board is thick, impressive and highly glossed. We think highly of this little travel set range (other sizes follow) which measures just 5 inches by 5 inches.

List CAD$79.00 CAD$49.95


Half Moon Magnetic 9 Inch Diameter Chess Set (T2016)

Half round 9 inches diameter. Weight with pieces 463g.

This innovative travel chess set measures 9 inches in diameter. The design and engineering for this set is very nice. The pieces also have good form, attention has been given to detail in the carving. Board can be turned upside down, shaken, and pieces will remain in place. A wonderful gift to encourage someone to start the game of Kings.

List CAD$116.00 CAD$49.95


Magnetic Chess Set - 10 inches x 10 inches (T6001)

King height 2 inches

This travel set cabinet is made with inlaid wood. The chessmen are hand-carved from wood and are magnetic. There are two drawers for easy storage of the chess pieces. The board when opened measures 10 inch x 10 inch. The king is 2 inches tall.

List CAD$69.00 CAD$49.95


Magnetic Chess Set 10.75 inches x 5.37 inches (folded) (T6002)

King height 2 inches

New!This wooden travel set is made from wood and measures 10.75 inches by 10.75 inches when opened. The pieces are magnetic so there is no need to worry if the board is jostled. The king measures at 2 inches tall.

List CAD$69.00 CAD$49.95


Magnetic Chess Sets and Travel Chess Sets

Did you note the chess board quality in the above sets? Some of the travel sets have wonderful thick boards. Make sure when you are comparing prices that you compare the quality too. The quality of the sets are outstanding and are a perfect compliment to that staunton luxury chess set you have in the lounge. The pegged travel chess sets are great too. In the older sets the pawns and bishops are difficult to tell apart, but not in these sets from chessbaron, these are defined well and are easily distinguished from cheaper sets.

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