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Luxury Chess Sets

From Chess Baron

Beautiful things are rare in this world. Have you ever had that experience of looking at something and wanting to just keep looking? Our chess sets below are just like that - you want to hold them in your hand and just keep looking and not let them go. We've tried hard with our chess photography, but it's difficult to really convey qualities such as majesty, beauty, wistfulness, and pride. As you view the pictures try to imagine the pieces in your hand - the weight, the rich colour of the wood, the finely crafted finish. We assure you that once you have experienced the quality of any one of these luxury sets you will be drawn to play the wonderful game of chess again and again.

Carved Chamfered Base in Black Chess Set (X2002)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.8 inch Triple Weighted 85g.

A triple weighted luxury chess set. The detailed knight shows intense detail of the mouth, head and teeth. The facial muscles have good definition with a chiseled look that catches the light nicely. The wood utilized is Chidar - or Boxwood, it is stained to give an Ebony appearance. The triple weight of the set marks it as luxury - a feature of higher end chess sets - these weigh in at a very strong 85g and have a reassuring feel in the hand. The overall design has good balance. The bottom of the pieces have leather for padding. The board for this set should have 2 inch squares.

List CAD$299.00 CAD$199.95


The Sebastian in Very Heavy Steel and Copper (X2029)

King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.3 inch. Heavily Weighted at 114g

You may have noticed that we don't offer many metal sets. This is because we have scoured the world in an attempt to stand out with a range that is not just large, but also unique and the best available. This copper and steel set, very heavy and yet remarkably detailed is a good example of this policy. A luxury pewter finish set with distinction that has many uses - playing chess or using offensively for burglars. You could actually put up a sign saying 'Have very heavy chess set and not afraid to use it'. They wouldn't dare enter. But the purpose of course, is delightful chess playing with elegance, and this set does it. It is well priced for the level of luxury afforded, and a set to be proud of. The board should be 1.5 inch or possibly 1.75 inch squares.

List CAD$357.00 CAD$239.99


Kings Knight Chess Set Triple Weight in Sheesham Wood (X3015)

King Height 4.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.85 inch. Triple Weighted 70g

New!The Kings Knights chess pieces are from sheesham wood. The grain on the dark pieces is impeccable. The knights are hand carved with excellent detail. This set comes with double queens and has felt bottoms.

List CAD$420.00 CAD$299.95


The Umbrella Ebonized Staunton Chess Set (X3018)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.65 inch. Triple Weighted 50g.

New!Ebonized triple weighted chess pieces with a 4 inch King and generous base dimension. See the detail of the mane, the eyes, ears - someone has really taken some time with this one! This set comes with double queens and has felt bottoms.

List CAD$359.00 CAD$299.95


King Alfred - Triple Weighted Copper and Aluminium Finish Maded by Berkeley Chess (X2087)

King Height 3.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Triple Weighted

New! Berkeley Chess introduces a Staunton chess design with a flourish! Their calling card - besides a recognised outstanding quality - is a Black kings cross for both sides and with Black (rather than the usual green) felt underlay. Heavy metal detailed staunton chess pieces that are stunning in appearance. Made with copper and aluminium. Metal is the new wood for Berkeley - and we agree.

List CAD$349.00 CAD$299.95


Armoured Staunton Chess Set Triple Weight in Sheesham Wood (X3017)

King Height 4.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 70g

New!The Armoured Staunton in Sheesham wood Chess Set is an exquisitely design chess set. The knights are intricately carved, notice their ceremonial bridle. This set comes with double queens and has felt bottoms.

List CAD$420.00 CAD$329.95


King John in Brass Chess Set (X2026)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Triple Weighted 172g!

Sorry this item is out of stock.

This brass set has a King that is 4 inch in height and weighs a hefty 172g. The pieces are luxurious and have strong attention to detail. The set is clearly differentiated for both sides (some metal sets can be a little confusing in colour difference for each side). Over time the pieces improve in appearance as the air causes colour amelioration, older sets are often prized for their colouring. The detail for the knight is outstanding for a set made in metal - often these sets have only a broad detail. For a Staunton metal chess set this is the finest set we have seen in all respects.

List CAD$519.00 CAD$449.95


Napoleon Chess Set in Bud Rosewood (X3019)

King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 105g.

This Napoleon chess set is supplied by Chopra in India who originated this design. Made from Bud Rosewood. Equally beautiful, equally majestic. The golden hues of the wood colouring is exquisite, it's merely up to your preference as to which you prefer. Comes with double queens. As with the above - the board for this luxury chess set needs to be one with 2 inch squares to do justice to the piece sizes.

List CAD$529.95 CAD$449.95


English Cap Chess Set in Dark Rosewood (X3016)

King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted (80g). Balance 18%

New!English Cap Chess Set is an expertly hand crafted set of contemporary chess pieces. This set comes in a very dark stained rosewood. The details on the knights are simply outstanding. The set comes with double queens and has felt bottoms.

List CAD$529.00 CAD$449.95


Beautiful chess sets for the next generation

Thank you for spending some time in browsing these products. Did you note the amazing detail of these luxury chess sets? Did you see the detail of the teeth on the knights? Whenever I have the inclination to get my toothbrush out I know it's a good set! If you can actually see the gaps between the teeth - it marks the difference between a good quality chess set and those that are of lower quality. Of course, it's not just the teeth, the rest of the knight and the detail of the other pieces must match - but not many artisans will go to the detail of carving out each tooth without giving similar attention to the mane, the face and the detail belonging to other parts of the chess pieces in the set. This also leaves out the whole major reason to shop ChessBaron - the talented design of the piece, a chess set design that makes the difference between conventional chess stores and ChessBaron. Many of the designs available through this section cannot be found elsewhere. We pride ourselves in displaying a remarkable range of chess sets that is difficult to beat for beauty, tradition and innovation. Each set can be paired with an optional chess case and/or chess board.

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