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The ChessBaron Quality Economy Range

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Economical chess sets don't have to be cheap - in terms of cheap quality. These sets will be great as gifts and for serious chess players. They are traditional, innovative and many even have good weighting. The mid range chess pieces have greater weighting generally, but this category is excellent value pricing withour a sacrifice of inherant quality. We have put measurements for most of the chess sets to help make the right choice.

High Quality Travel Chess Set 6 inch X 12 inch Board and Pieces Combined (E2016)

Dimensions: 6 inch by 12 inch by 1.5 inch with squares of 1.5 inch. Weight 715g.

Sorry this item is out of stock.

Made in high quality acacia wood and boxwood this is a travel chess set of unusually high quality. The board is highly glossed and has a luxury look and feel to the whole chess set. The pieces are very small but have an admirable attention to detail for all the pieces. The set can be turned upside down and the pieces will remain in place. A very good value magnetic chess set.

List CAD$99.99 CAD$59.99


Cute Staunton chess set in Sheesham wood. (E2006)

Classic Staunton chess set with especially cute knight design. The set is made from sheesham wood and carved with good detail in the pieces. The chess set pieces are felted and have a standard weighting. King is 3.5 inches high. The board selection should be with 1.5 inch squares. Special Deal! Wooden Chess Case Included!

List CAD$109.99 CAD$79.99


Philippino Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham wood (E2018)

King Heigth 4.5 inches, Heavy Intrinsic Weighting, Art Deco Style

With a chunky, ready-for-business knight this chess set has a robust yet sleek feel evident in the King and Queen detail and design. The pieces of the set compliment each other perfectly. The king is tall at 4.5 inch and the Queen has an attractive design. The rook brings together the chunky knight with the slender body of the queen. The suggested board size for this chess set is a board with 1.75 inch squares.

List CAD$149.00 CAD$89.99


Wonderful Staunton Chess Sets

Economy staunton chess sets do not need to be poor quality. Many of ours comes with a chess box and every standard policy that comes with our more expensive range. When comparing prices ensure the quality is also compared - ours are crafted by artisans in the Far East with great care. Cheap chess sets can still be good quality - Chessbaron economical chess sets are still excellent for design, quality, and in many cases, weighting too. Our inexpensive chess sets are still great - as long as they are bought at Chess Baron.

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