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ChessBaron Store Assistant

Welcome to the ChessBaron Store Assistant

No, we're not going to advise you how to escape that awful knight fork or to save your pinned queen, but we're happy to help you out with selecting a beautiful handcrafted chess set for your next match.

Just fill out any specific criteria in the form below and press the 'Advise Me' button and we'll do our best to narrow down some suggestions

Don't forget that you're always welcome to contact us in person if you prefer the human touch.

If you have a minimum or maximum amount that you would like to spend please enter amounts to the nearest Canadian dollar here:

Minimum Budget: Maximum Budget:

Please select the style of set you are looking for:

 Traditional Staunton  Something Different  Any / Not Sure

Let us know whether you prefer to have the pieces stored inside the board, or you are happy to have the pieces separate (cases are also available for separate storage):

 Pieces in Board  Pieces Separate or in a Case  Don't Mind / Not Sure

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