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Chess Sets

The Finest Chess Sets Available in Canada and Worldwide!

When shopping for chess sets your #1 priority is likely to be quality. Once you've figured out a budget you'll be trying to find the highest quality chess set that you can afford. Chessbaron offers a range of chess sets to suit all price levels. Choose from our menu to browse our chess sets. You'll find that they are listed in descending price order, making it easy to look for a chess set within your budget.

We provide a lot of pictures of our chess pieces and chess boards. Combined with detailed descriptions and information about weight and size, you should be well armed to make a selection. For additional questions you may have, we are available in person to help you out. Please just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Chess Sets

Chessbaron Cananda is proud to present the finest range of chess sets available.


How to Order a Chess Set from

We try to offer a very intuitive ordering system, that allows you to spend more time picking the perfect chess set and less time going through the process of checkout and payment. Our priorities are always to ensure that shopping with Chessbaron is an easy and enoyable process. The entire site has been designed with security in mind so that you can just enjoy the experience of browsing and shopping for a chess set.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve any aspect of your experience we are always ready to listen. Please contact us.