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Welcome to Chess Baron Canada's monthly deals section. Each month and other special events such as Cyber Monday or Christmas we will be featuring special prices on selected chess pieces and chess accessories. If a certain chess set does not fit your budget, there could be a chance that we will feature that chess piece or chess board as a monthly or event deal. In addition there will be FREE shipping on all our deals.

The Rebecca in Sheesham (M2055)

Sheesham. King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted (60g).

New!This product from Chess Baron: Made in Sheesham - the Rebecca is a beautifully designed set of chess pieces. The King stands at 4 inches high, so is a full sized chess set. The width of the King makes the set require a board with close to 2 inch squares. Chess Baron Chess Sets: Because we know you care - we care. Buy Peace of mind - Buy Chess Baron.

List CAD$299.00 CAD$199.99


Song of Solomon Bud Rosewood Chess Set (M2039)

King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.65 inch. Weighted

This product from Chess Baron: A beautiful ornate design of Staunton based chess at its finest. Don't tell the shoppers looking in our luxury section, but this one is better than the ornate designs that are twice the price of this one. Bud Rosewood. Get that? The rarest wood available has been used to create this innovative set. Rosewood comes in three varieties, Golden Rosewood - or Sheesham is the most plentiful part of the tree, followed by what we call just 'Rosewood', then the root of the tree is the part we call Bud Rosewood, the smallest part, therefore the rarest part, but not just rare - it brings out such rich colours in chess pieces that it tends to be sought after as much as Ebony. Rarity apart, the design of this chess set is an example of chess sets that are set apart by beauty of design. The Song of Solomon is a design of chess sets that is unequalled elsewhere.

List CAD$395.00 CAD$139.99


DGT3000 Clock for DGT e-Boards (CL2022)

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches (166 x 114 x 65mm)

New!This ChessBaron Product: DGT3000 is used to connect to all DGT electronic chess boards and has many new and improved features: - Seconds are shown from the start - Large easy to read display (shows more information) - 25 pre-set timing systems - 5 slots for customized settings - 5 year warranty - The DGT3000 is DGT's most advanced game timer - Display size is 5 inches - Unit weight is 250 grams

List CAD$209.95 CAD$129.99


Brown Wengue and Maple Chess Board 1 3/8 inch squares (SB2003)

Size 14 inches (36cm) with 1 3/8 inch squares 0.75 inch thick

New! Brown Wengue and Maple Chess Board with 1 3/8 inch squares. This is a well crafted and well built chess board. Made in Spain.

List CAD$159.95 CAD$99.99


DGT Cube Game Clock for 2-6 players. - Battery Included! (CL2020)

Size: 68 x 68 x 68 mm, Net weight appr. 175 grams, Battery Included

New!This ChessBaron Product:The DGT CUBE automatically starts a players clock after his color is turned to the top. The DGT CUBE offers different timing systems (time per move or time per game) suited to add a thrill to any game, or to guarantee a fair and equal distribution of thinking time or allocate a time handicap to balance playing skills.

- There are five basic timing systems available with the DGT CUBE - Within a chosen timing system, different times can be allocated to different players - At the end of a players turn, the CUBE is passed on to the next player by turning the color of the next player to the top. This stops the time of the last player and auto-starts the timing of the new player - During the game, timing can be stopped and restarted by using the pause button

List CAD$179.95 CAD$99.99


Black and White Staunton Charlotte Chess Set (M2017)

King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch. Double Weighted 32g.

This black and white is Staunton through and through. The white pieces has a touch of light yellow to provide a bit of uniqueness to this set. The King is 3.75 inch high and the set has good weighting. The rook chess piece has an attractive stumpy style and lends a look of solidarity in it's flank position among the chess pieces. But the striking color difference is the strength of this set of chess pieces, and the factor which makes this chess set an excellent choice if you like black and white.

List CAD$169.95 CAD$89.95


Cribbage 3 Track in S Pattern Whitewood (CR3000)

Whitewood 30 x 5 x 9 cm (11.9 x 2 x 3.5 inches)

New!Cribbage. 3 track in S shape. In solid whitewood, surprisingly heavy, very high quality. The pegged markers are made in solid heavy metal. Come with packs of playing cards included.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$89.95


DGT Easy PLUS Digital Chess Clock - Batteries Included (CL2033)

Easy PLUS - Digital Chess Clock with Advanced Features Batteries Included!

New!This ChessBaron Product:The Easy PLUS has BONUS and DELAY options over the standard Easy. A virtually unbreakable and ideal chess clock for schools, clubs and home use. Combines simplicity with a sturdy and elegant design.

List CAD$109.95 CAD$79.99


Cribbage 3 Track S Pattern in Brownwood (CR2000)

Brownwood 30 x 5 x 9 cm (11.9 x 2 x 3.5 inches)

New!Cribbage. 3 track S shape pattern. In brownwood, surprisingly heavy, very high quality. The pegged markers are made in solid heavy metal. Come with packs of playing cards included.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$79.99


Regent Staunton Chess Set (E2009)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Double Weighted 49g.

A double weighted classic Staunton set at this price? With a king weighing 49g the pieces are high in quality and rare at this price. The pieces are made in Chidar and Rosewood. The upper part of the tree is deployed for manufacturing rosewood chess pieces, the wood provides the lighter brown attractive coloring seen in the pieces. The rook is well proportioned and well weighted. All the pieces of this chess set are stable on the board by virtue of their wide bases, so we recommend the board for the chess set should have 2 inch squares.

List CAD$109.00 CAD$69.99


Wooden Backgammon Wooden Backgammon - Medium - 18 x 14 inch (47cm x 35cm) (BG2010)

Size 18.5 inch x 14 inch (open)

New!Luxury medium size wooden Backgammon complete set. Measures 18 inch by 14 inch when opened. It's slightly oblong because of the allowance for the stone placement outside the board area. Cabinet and pieces are made in high quality solid wood. Comes with dice, doubling dice, instructions and shaker.

List CAD$109.00 CAD$69.99


Judit Polgar DGT Easy Digital Chess Clock - Batteries Included (CL2034)

High quality Judit Polgar digital chess clock

New!This ChessBaron Product:The Judit Polgar DGT Easy clock was designed in cooperation with Judit, the greatest woman chess player of all time. The clock has a modern and attractive color design and the trademarked Polgar chess figures are printed on the back. This updated version has a larger display, larger buttons, improved lever, additional "move timer plus save" option and... wait for it... drum roll please... batteries included (which will last for years)! The Polgar 'Easy' is practically unbreakable and perfectly suitable for children, schools, chess clubs and home use.

List CAD$99.95 CAD$64.99


3 in 1 Wooden Chess, Draughts and Backgammon 7 Inches Square (BG2001)

Size 7 inch x 7 inch

New! ChessBaron brings you 3 games in one. Luxury medium Backgammon, Chess and Draughts combined. Measures 7 inches by 3.5 inches when closed, and 7 inches square when opened. Play chess or backgammon or draughts (aka checkers). Board and pieces made in solid sheesham wood.

List CAD$109.00 CAD$59.99


Wooden Magnetic Draughts (checkers) 100 spaces (OG1006)

Size 12 inch x 12 inch 100 spaces

New!A fine wooden game from ChessBaron. This wonderful luxury magnetic draught (checkers) set comes with a folding case were each draught piece is stored in its own protective slot. Made from solid sheesham wood. Great family fun.

List CAD$99.00 CAD$49.99


DGT Pyramid Game Clock up to 4 players. - Battery Included! (CL2019)

Size: 85 x 85 x 85 mm, Net weight appr. 70 grams, Battery Included

New!This ChessBaron Product:The DGT Pyramid is a game timer for up to four players and automatically starts a players clock after his color is turned to the top. The Pyramid offers different timing systems (time per move or time per game) suited to add a thrill to any game, or to guarantee a fair and equal distribution of thinking time.

List CAD$69.95 CAD$39.99


Returns of Monthly Deals

We will still accept returns for monthly deals within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. Full refunds (less any delivery costs) will be applied. Thank you for spending the time in browsing our monthly deal section. At ChessBaron Canada we pride ourselves in the selection and quality of chess sets we offer. Why shop anywhere else when you know you can shop with confidence at ChessBaron Canada. Each set can be paired with an optional chess board or chess case.

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