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Chess Computers

From Chess Baron

If your chess partners are not around, or if you fall out with them, or if you'd rather lose in private then it's out with the trusty chess computer! She'll only mock you silently as the electric pulses take her thoughts a few moves deeper than yours. On the other hand she IS only a computer. Play her enough and there's the chance that you'll improve your game sufficiently to topple her before you move on to tackle 'Big Blue'.

Whether you like to have your opponent in the palm of your hand, or you prefer the full experience of carved pieces on a real wooden board, the chess computers below can provide a worthy challenge. They are all of a high playing standard, and never have to take a washroom break.

DGT Pi Senator Chess Computer - Bluetooth (CMD2037)

Complete Stand Alone Chess Computer Bluetooth Connection

New!This ChessBaron Product: The DGT Pi Senator fully functional stand-alone chess computer comprises all that is needed for a chess computer. Beautiful Rosewood board with very high quality solid wood chess pieces with RFID chips embedded, and high quality electronic components. No PC or Mac is needed, it includes the Board and the auxiliary Pi unit that is the computer. Included are eight different chess engines for a variety of strengths and playing styles according to your style and preference.

Just set up the board, connect DGT Pi wirelessly through Bluetooth and start the game. The computer moves are shown on the large display. The chess engines included are StockFish, Texel, Arasan, Rodent II, Zurichess, Floyd, Cinnamon and Claudia.

List CAD$2799.95 CAD$2395.95


We hope that you have found the chess computer that you are looking for. If not please do enquire about any other computers in the Novag range, or from other manufacturers and we'll let you know if we can source them.

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