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Chess Boxes and Cases

From Chess Baron

We've kinda noticed that retailers don't also provide chess cases or sell cases as a stand-alone product. So here are some excellent cases that will be enhanced in range as time goes on. The more expensive sets all come with cases recommended with the product as optional - you wouldn't want to buy that beautiful staunton design and not have a lovely case to put it away - would you? These chess boxes are sturdy, high quality constructions that will not only care for your chess set but also look great.

Natural Wood Chess Box 9 X 6 X 4 inches (C2011)

New! This wooden chess box is suitable for sets with a 4 inch chess king or less and measures 9 inches X 6 inches X 4 inches. The box has good quality fastenings and interior felt to provide an element of luxury and protection for the chess pieces.

List CAD$79.95 CAD$59.95


Leather Luxury Chess Case - Double Queens 4 to 4.25 inch King (C2001)

Beautiful leather chess case for double queens. Case with soft fabric indents for each individual piece to be nestled in luxury. Catch and handle for transportation. Suitable for Kings up to a height of 4.25 inches, but best for 4 inch Kings.

List CAD$220.00 CAD$159.95


Leather Luxury Chess Case - Double Queens 4.25 to 4.75 inch King (C2003)

Sorry this item is out of stock. Available March 2019

Leather chess box for luxury chess sets with 4.25 - 4.75 inch Kings. Indentations made for each piece, nestled in silk. Any luxury chess set will feel pampered and secure in this incredible case for transit or storage. There are spaces for extra Queens too. A truly luxury case for luxury chess sets. Some variations occur across batches in colour of stitching, etc.

List CAD$230.00 CAD$169.95


Chess Boxes

The chess boxes shown here are for sale as products and they come as recommended options with most chess sets we sell. They are made from a variety of products - wood, vinyl and leather with various amounts of felt and leather involved. Buy a chess box that will endure with the chess set.

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