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Crusader/Saladin Chess Set Rosewood-Ivory


Crusader/Saladin Chess Set Rosewood-Ivory
Crusader/Saladin Chess Set Rosewood-Ivory


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This Chess Baron Product: The Crusader-Saladin chess set depicts one of the great battles in ancient times. Richard Lionhearted battles against the wise and honored Saladin. King Richard is flanked by his queen, bishops of the Church, armored knights, soldiers with shields and swords and castle turrets. Saladin is accompanied by his wife Burqa, imams, horseman, archers and castles. The entire set weighs 2 kilograms (4 pounds 8 ounces.). This set comes in the Rosewood-Ivory colour and was reproduced by a Canadian Artist and is made in Canada.
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King Height 4.5 inch.


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