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Spanish Armada Chess Pieces Bone/Ivory


Spanish Armada Chess Pieces Bone/Ivory
Spanish Armada Chess Pieces Bone/Ivory


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This Chess Baron Product: This chess set commemorates a decisive moment in world history. The battle of the 16th century English marine fleet vs. the Spanish Armada. On the English side the king is represented by Lord Howard of Effingham and the Queen is Elizabeth I. One bishop represents Sir Walter Raleigh and the other bishop is a Bishop of the church. The Spanish side is represented by King Phillip II and his queen, Anne of Austria, with the Duke of Medina. All the pawns on both sides are represented by the ships. This battle took place in 1588 off the coast of Holland. There were 22 great Spanish warships accompanied by 108 merchant ships that sailed to England with the intent on overthrowing the English Crown. However, they were met at sea by 34 of the smaller English warships accompanied by 163 armed merchant ships. A terrible battle ensued, leaving the Spanish with 61 lost or scuttled ships and some 20,000 dead. The English side, with 8 ships lost and 8,000 dead, arose the undisputed victors, staunch defenders of their sovereign crown and rulers of the seven seas.
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King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch.


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