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DGT Cube Game Clock for 2-6 players. - Battery Included!


DGT Cube Game Clock for 2-6 players. - Battery Included!


List CAD$179.95 CAD$99.99

This ChessBaron Product:The DGT CUBE automatically starts a players clock after his color is turned to the top. The DGT CUBE offers different timing systems (time per move or time per game) suited to add a thrill to any game, or to guarantee a fair and equal distribution of thinking time or allocate a time handicap to balance playing skills.

- There are five basic timing systems available with the DGT CUBE

- Within a chosen timing system, different times can be allocated to different players

- At the end of a players turn, the CUBE is passed on to the next player by turning the color of the next player to the top. This stops the time of the last player and auto-starts the timing of the new player

- During the game, timing can be stopped and restarted by using the pause button

Chess Baron: It's all about the customer.

Size: 68 x 68 x 68 mm, Net weight appr. 175 grams, Battery Included


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