Why Berkeley Chess Sets are a Crowd Favourite

Berkeley produces some of the most amazing chess sets in the world. They are based in England and creates exquisite Berkeley chess sets. These sets have some amazing qualities that make them a crowd favourite. Here, we describe some excellent traits that make them an ideal product for any chess lover.

The Raw Material

These chess sets are prepared using the finest crushed marble. The marble is bonded together with the highest quality resin and creates the required chess pieces. The pieces are heavy too as they are prepared from marble, which is long-lasting and can survive the use over several years.

There is a traditional process which is used to create these masterpieces. It all starts by actually creating a mold and transferring the image of the original figures creating by Berkeley. These designs truly come to life and will allow you to have a pleasurable playing experience for several years.

The Details

Berkeley chess sets are a crowd puller because they have so many intricate details printed on them. You can see each piece in complete light and observe their look in an ideal manner. Since marble acts as the main ingredient, it is easy to copy legendary chess designs, like the Isle of Lewis or the Large Camelot sets. These designs can show the finest details and you may even spend hours looking at how the knights are constructed.

The Feel

The feel of Berkeley chess sets is also amazing and cannot be matched with other products. They are beautifully designed and this makes them amazing to touch and use. With their heavy weight, the set can easily weight as much as 200 grams, which means that it provides the essence of playing a war game.

The feel of these chess sets means that you enjoy playing with the tools that take you in ancient times. You may find yourself in the shoes of European knights and kings who played this noble game for its tact, strategy and the sheer ability to serve up joy when enjoying it with a smart friend.

The Colours

The colors of the Berkeley chess sets are amazing as well. They are available in brown, grey, red and skin for a few examples. There are chess sets for everyone. We believe that people get attracted to them because of the colour choices available and make the decisions based on their personal interactivity with these amazing sets. You can enjoy the Roman empire or take a set that has an English background. There are some amazing colour combinations out there and these chess sets truly bring out the best in chess.

Why Choose Them?

If these reasons are not enough for you to get convinced, we believe that we need to emphasize the aspect of the best value for money. Buy any of the Berkeley Chess Sets and rest assured that you will always get a product that provides an ideal return on your investment.

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Backgammon – A Historical Overview of the Oldest Board Game

As one of the oldest board games in the world, backgammon deserves all the talk that it can get. This time around, we focus on providing a historical overview of this wonderful game. We will also produce a modern perspective on it and give you a few pointers to help you maintain the amazing tradition of playing backgammon for fun.

The Origin of the Game

Historical records show that this wonderful game has been played for around 5000 years. It originated in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. It is one of the older civilisations of the world and used dices made of bones. It is played using a board with thirty checkers an usually 24 points. The Romans played a version of this game which they called Tables (Duodecum Scripta et Tabulae).

The Roman literature shows several references to this game, as emperors used special boards to play this game, especially during their travels. Famous emperor, Nero was famous for gambling on a version of backgammon during his reign. It remains the ideal pastime activity of several soldiers, and it was always played at the highest stakes.

The word backgammon was first printed in the 17th Century. The Church wanted to ban this game at one point, because it got strongly associated with gambling activities. However, the game started to lose its appeal when other gambling games appeared during the early 20th Century. The enthusiasts of board games found a solution though.

Doubling is Invented

Backgammon as a game was too strong and too historic to go down without a fight. The game once again enjoyed a resurgence when a genius in New York (or Boston in some accounts) came up with the concept of doubling the stakes during a game. This was a concept that raised the stakes and allowed players to end games much quicker.

Another variety available now is the redoubling. It is common to use a cube which describes the ratio of doubling for a particular stake. This cube has values in the powers of two and allow backgammon players to keep raising the stakes. Initially though, matchsticks were common to depict that a double was asked by a player.

The Modern Game

The modern game is still among the most popular board games of our times. It uses fifteen checkers each for both sides on a board that contains24 points. The aim of the game remains to move the checkers according the dice rolls and get the checkers off. The game is exciting since you can hit and block your opponents to make the game a lot more difficult.

The modern backgammon is one of the board games that combine strategy with luck, as you still depend on the roll of the dice. It has an easy learning curve and you can quickly get into the rhythm. However, you need an excellent board and a friend to play this fine game.

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Enjoy These Amazing Chess Sets This Fall!

Are you an avid chess player? Do you enjoy spending your evenings playing chess? Then try out these amazing chess sets this fall to increase your pleasure and ensure that you create long-lasting bonds with your friends. With these chess sets, you are sure to become a fan favourite and everyone would love to spend time with you. Here are the top chess sets that we have:

Alexander the Great Chess Set

Among the most amazing chess sets that we have, this beautiful chess set is prepared from pure ebony. The Alexander the Great chess set revolves around exquisite knights. This amazing set comes directly from Staunton and is truly a work of art.

This wonderful knight was not prepared in the design of a horse initially, rather than a bull, which is not going to take your rubbish. However, we have changed it back to ensure that you do not confuse this piece with a decoration piece from Olympia. The design is a departure from the common Staunton sets. One of the most amazing sets, the artwork included in this set in solid, while providing you pieces that are triple weighted and excellent felted bases.

Chess lovers around the world love the Greek history that this chess set brings with it. Your friends will love you for buying it and you can spend several evening hours playing chess with your friends.

The Paxman Chess Set

The Paxman Chess Set is another wonderful Staunton product which is prepared from ebony. The finest wood is employed in making this set. You can observe the fine lines of the pieces that describe you that the set is one of the most amazing chess sets that are available with us. The knight in this chess set is the star player, but the other pieces are just as classy as the knight.

This chess set also has triple weighted pieces and double queens. All the pieces are prepared using the finest ebony. This chess set offers an amazing experience and you should enjoy a chess filled evening this fall by using this set to play with your friends.

The Utopian Dream Chess Set

It is one of the prominent members of our amazing chess sets. Chess is a war game, and this design truly reflects this philosophy. It is intricately prepared using the best Bud Rosewood and the pieces truly offer an overwhelming playing experience. The king has a rounded top, while the details are beautifully presented in all the chess pieces.

The pieces have good weight, the knights are beautifully prepared and even the pawns are crafted in an improved manner. This chess set can be used with any board that has squares of two inches or greater. The beautiful pieces have ancient black bottoms. With the double queens, available with this set, we say let the war begin!


Chess Baron has been bringing you some of the most amazing chess sets this year. In line with our service, these chess sets will enhance your fall chess experience and provide you an opportunity to enjoy the weather with a friend!

Combining Draughts and Chess Has Never Been Easier

Are you a chess lover but would love some variety? If yes, then you would love to hear about the amazing chess boards that also let you enjoy a game of draughts; a game that you may know by the name of checkers. Playing these games is fun as they all have their own amazing perks. Here, we describe the joy that you get by playing both of these games on a single board.

Why Chess?

Chess is a complex game that you can enjoy for several hours. It is an ancient game with a history of hundreds of years. Whenever you want to learn more about decision making and understanding how to tackle a problem, a game of chess can certainly help you clear up your perspective and find out the solutions to the problems of life.

Playing chess stimulates your mind and allows you to think in a tactical and statistical manner. People who play chess stay away from problems, such as the Alzheimer’s Disease. Not only you can extract joy from chess, it is great for kids who are learning to develop strong problem solving skills.

What you need to play chess though is an excellent chess set and board that allows you to enjoy the game in a comfortable setting. Your chess set needs to be made from durable material, which allows you to enjoy chess games over several years. Some of the available materials in this regard are wood, marble and glass. Each one has their own advantage that you need to provide.

A chess board not only allows you to enjoy playing chess, it also lets you play any game, which is developed on the basis of the 64 squares. Here, we describe you the most common game that you can enjoy on all chess boards.

Enjoying Draughts

Draughts (checkers) is a simple game that you can play on a board designed for chess play. It is a simple game, where you can test your analytical skills. Draughts is also a much faster game, when compared to a traditional chess duel. If you have a few friends coming over the weekend, you can employ your chess board to play a few checkers games with them.

Checkers is a game which is excellent for improving your memory recalls. Since you have to take immediate decisions that impact the game, you learn problem solving skills as well as learn to perform an effective comparison of the available options.

Draughts is a game which requires you to equally focus on attack and defence. This is ideal for creating a balanced personality as you understand that the same principles apply, if you need to succeed in real life as well. Draughts is an excellent party game as well, because it is quick to play and follows an easy learning curve.


However, as with all board games, having an ideal chess board will allow you to enjoy these games. Visit Chess Baron now and order the board that you like the most for enjoying draughts and chess!




Elegant Wooden Chess Sets – For Those Who Crave Smartness

Are you an enthusiastic chess player? If yes, then you need to use a chess set that provides you the joy associated with playing such an ancient and reputed game. Here, we focus on wooden chess sets which provide a smart way to satisfy your hunger of playing chess with your friends. Here are some advantages of playing with these wooden pieces:

1.      Elegance

Wooden chess sets are remarkably elegant. They are designed for players who are fashion-centric and always want to play with pieces that tell a story. When you show your wooden set to a friend, they will crave to play with you with joy.

2.      Durability

Wooden chess sets are extremely durable. They are built to be played for a long time, if you make sure that you take care of them and not drop them all the time. Other materials such as glass and marble are not as good if you are planning to buy a board on which you can play for countless number of years. You will be amazed at the durability of wooden products and will fall in love with their organic texture.

3.      Classic Feel

Wooden chess sets offer a classic feel. They have been used for centuries and, therefore, they connect you with the traditional way of playing chess. If you love traditional items, then a wooden board and chess set is ideal for your playing needs. They are beautifully carved out and offer great aesthetic appeal.

4.      Great Board Life

Wooden boards and matching pieces have a longer life. Other types of boards often face wear and tear when you place them in storage for a long time. The longer service life means that you can reduce your expenses on buying new chess items and pieces. Remember, you just have to take your wooden chess set out and it will be as good as new to start playing the game.

5.      The Sounds

Playing with wooden chess sets is fun because they produce a characteristic sound when moved around the board. This amazing sound effect is perfect if you like to create a complete atmosphere when playing chess. You can wander away back in time during the days of old kings and monarchs, who played chess to learn strategy and military tactics.

6.      Comfort

Wooden pieces are much more comfortable to play with. Since they are prepared from natural material, they do not produce allergies and other problems that you may face when playing with chess pieces that are made from synthetic materials.

7.      Multiple Options

Since wooden chess sets have been around for several centuries, they are prepared in a traditional manner. There are plenty of designs that are available in wood. If you love to have multiple options when you are going on a buying trip, then you would find that wooden sets provide you this amazing facility.


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A Brief Guide to Make You a Fine Cribbage Player

Cribbage is an amazing card game which combines the pleasure of playing on a board while still employing the regular cards. This amazing game requires players to keep track of their record, which essentially requires a playing board. Here is a brief guide to help you become a fine player.

What is Cribbage?

Cribbage is also known as “crib” and was traditionally played by two players. These days, it is common to find four players playing it, which makes it an ideal game to play at social parties. This game is played in two sessions. The first is playing the standard 52-card. The next stage is the show stage for the group of cards.

Points are achieved for different card combinations. You get combinations, pairs, triple cards, quadruple cards, flushes and runs. Here are the details of how the game goes about.

The Gameplay

Cribbage is played in the form of successive hands. Each hand starts with a deal, which is followed by play and a show at the end. The game ends immediately whenever a player reaches the target score which is usually 121 and starts when a player cuts the lowest card. This player is the dealer who then distributes six cards for two players, and five cards if there are more players.

Each player chooses to keep four cards while discarding others to form the crib or the box. Now the player to the left of the dealer cuts and the top card is revealed.

The goal is to either create a combination of 15 or create pairs and four of a kind. A player can pass if they are not able to play a card that keeps the count below 31. Once this number is achieved, the process is repeated.

Players carefully choose the order in which they display their cards in order to maximize the points that they can make. The players’ pegs move around as they score points. Each player counts the points according to their hand in the table. Once the dealer completes this process, the crib cards are turned up for counting by the dealer.

The Required Equipment

Cribbage requires an excellent board for moving the pegs which is required for the score count. There is also a need for a durable deck of playing cards, because this game involves a lot of movements. This means that you need to buy an excellent product so that you can enjoy the game.

Becoming an excellent cribbage player needs a lot of practice. The ideal board for this purpose is prepared from durable materials. The board designed for this game needs to have a drawer. You can then place your deck of cards and the pegs in this drawer. This makes your board a mobile carrier of the game, which you can take anywhere to enjoy this lovely game.

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5 New Chess Set Designs from Mascott that Provide the Best Playing Experience

Mascott is an amazing company that produces excellent chess set designs. Most of these sets have a historical significance and truly shed light on the history and culture of the American region, as well as the rest of the world. This month, we focus on some of the top new designs that will surely offer you the best experience. But first, we’ll describe how they are prepared.

How are they Prepared?

These amazing chess sets are designed in England and prepared from marble of the highest quality. They are usually hand decorated, although most clients prefer the undecorated finish, which is present on all Mascott chess sets. Since marble is used as a base, most of these sets are heavy and ensure stability without falling off due to small bumps.

Here are some amazing chess set designs for this month:

1.      Christopher Columbus Set

We start with the Christopher Columbus chess set. It is a set that describes the adventurous times of the famous traveler and explorer. It is hand painted and contains intricate details. The amazing priests and the queen are the best features of this particular set. You will set sail back in time and attempt to discover America in the former glory of Europe.

2.      Cats and Dogs Set

This amazing set is prepared by Caroline McCatty, who is a renowned chess set artist. This is a beautifully prepared Cats and Dogs chess set which is completely hand painted. It offers innovation and colours for people who love pet animals. Whether you love or hate them, you will find that it is truly fun when you play using your favourite pet animals.

3.      Columbus Chess Set

Another of the favourites, this one depicts the battle between the Europeans and the Aztecs who had a historical presence on the American continent. The European side holds Columbus as the king, with the famous Queen Isabella at his side. Emperor Montezuma takes the role of the king on the Aztec side. The Aztec warriors play the role of the different chess pieces. This is truly a chess set design for those, who love to invest time in studying America’s history.

4.      Henry the VIII Set

Henry the VIII was the second monarch of his family. He is famous for breaking away from the traditional church and supporting the formation of the Church of England. He greatly expanded the powers exercised by the king. He is notoriously famous for having six wives. He is responsible for many changes in England that still exist in the modern world. However, he was egoistic and you can enjoy this flavour when playing using this chess set design.

5.      Large King Arthur Set

King Arthur is the famous British ruler who is the centre of several folk stories. Whether you believe them or not, his personality surrounds a persona that is larger than life in European history. The uniformed pawns are amazing and will make you play with this chess set design over and over again.

All these designs are available at Chess Baron, and you can choose the one that you like. Enjoy playing chess like never before by indulging deep into history!

Speed Chess – The Need for the Best Clocks

Speed chess is an excellent variant of the popular game of chess. This variant is all about increasing the pace of the game, which is characteristically known to be a slow boiler. It requires the use of a dedicated timeline, where each player is assigned a fixed amount of time to carry out their chess moves. Here, we elaborate on the need for chess clocks to enjoy speed chess.

What is Speed Chess?

Speed chess is usually played in tournament settings as well as when playing with friends under time constraints. Each player is usually awarded 60 minutes to carry out their 60 moves. Some games may be shorter than that, but usually use the same formula for speed. This playing style is often termed as fast or blitz chess around the world.

Understanding Chess Clocks

There are several aspects to playing chess but a chess clock will be essential to mark out the time, especially when playing speed chess. These clocks are available in various qualities and even offer functionality to record time for a number of players at the same time.

Qualities of the Best Chess Clocks

The ideal chess clock contains some characteristics that make it suitable for use in a variety of playing environments. Here are some important qualities that you should look for when selecting a clock for your playing needs:

Multiple Settings

There should be multiple settings in your chosen chess clock because you may face situations where a number of players are willing to play at the same time. This will require you to pause between the games and play chess by creating teams of multiple players.

These settings should include a clear way of presenting which player is on the clock. The best clocks are the ones that employ color coding, as well as allow for saving of the time of up to six different players. However, each chess clock needs to at least accommodate two players, which is the bare minimum in a chess match.


A chess clock needs to be durable, since it will spend a lot of time in storage. It will also have to remain battle ready, every time you pick it up for a blitz chess match. It should be made of a sturdy material that especially resists shock and fall damage.

The durability essentially allows you to be ready each time some one calls you out for a speed chess match. It will also mean that you will not suddenly find it hard to play a match, because your chess clock is out of order.

Easy to Use

The ideal chess clock is the one which is easy to use. It is essential to use a clock that functions in a predictable manner. You can go for either an analog or a digital watch, according to your preference.

One of the best ways to get a chess clock is to visit Chess Baron. They have durable and extremely easy to use clocks for playing speed chess.

A Brief Guide about Playing Speed Chess

Speed chess is also termed as fast chess. It is a chess variety in which each player is given a period of 60 minutes to complete a game of 60 moves. There are different variations in this game, but the main idea is about increasing the pace of the game to achieve faster results.

You need to have the right tools to start playing this fast mode of chess. Here, we share the prerequisites of starting a fast chess sensation:

Ideal Board

The first requirement is to get a board which is easier to carry and set up in a swift manner. The ideal board in this sense is one, which does not have a piece which can easily get damaged. One option in this regard is to go for one-piece boards that are easy to carry and do not have a moving part that can get damaged.

Small boards are perfect for playing a quick game of chess. Your supporting items should also be perfect, which we’ll discuss below.

Right Chess Set

Buying the right chess set is also the key in terms of successfully playing speed chess. You should ensure that your chess pieces can take the abuse of quick movements and panic choices. The ideal chess set contains smaller pieces and a larger board.

The chess pieces should be perfectly discernible. This will help you in quickly moving the pieces without having an accident. The right set for speed chess, therefore, remains the one with which you are comfortable and willing to make a part of your playing experience.

Best Chess Clock

How are you going to play speed chess without a clock? You should buy an ideal chess clock and practice playing with it first. There are various designs available, but you should start with an inexpensive solution. There are analog and digital clocks.

Analog clocks are great for providing you the right feel for a fun game. However, if you want to always keep information at hand, then buying a digital chess clock will work well for you. A digital clock with an LED display is the one that you can use in a variety of environments. It is perfect for use, if you love to chess games at night.

The wide display clock is also ideal for playing chess games. It is easy to see and allows you to quickly assess the time that you have left to make your winning moves. Some clocks come with touch sensors, but you should always buy the ones with buttons to give you the right physical feel.

Chess Cases

Do you often have to take your chess items to another place? The right chess case will help you play speed chess anywhere. These cases are available in different sizes and conveniently accommodate your chess pieces. Always buy the case, which perfectly matches with your other products.

You need to visit an online store, where you can buy all these supplies all at once. Chess Baron is a top chess store in this regard, and will help you find all the prerequisites for playing speed chess.

4 Wonderful Chess Set Themes Explained


Are you aware of the movie, 300? How would you like to take part in a battle against the mighty Persians! Or would you like to crush the stubborn Spartans! The historical perspective of the battle between King Leonidas of Sparta and King Xerxes of Persia has been capturing the imagination of people for centuries.

This excellent chess set will truly catch the imagination of your friends and increase your social prestige. Simply secure it from an ideal store and you will find that your friends are eager to have a game of chess with you.

2.      The Crusaders Set

Everyone knows the story of the crusades and the long-standing struggle between the Europeans and the Muslims. This set is often presented with the opposing kings of Richard the Lionheart of England and Sultan Saladin. You find the Muslim association in the form of Imams, in place of bishops. On the other hand, you get armored knights on the Crusaders’ side.

This amazing set will allow you to immerse in the history, and spiritually connect with the time of the Crusades. You can truly go back in time, when playing a game of chess with this excellent chess set.

3.      American Revolution Set

The American Revolution is a popular chess set and in excellent demand in North America. It is a wonderful set, which shows King George of Britain against George Washington. The pawns consist of foot soldiers, while the different officer ranks represent the other pieces.

The American queen in this set is depicted by Benjamin Franklyn, while the British queen is the infamous General Cornwallis. This set is designed in the international tournament format, and you can also use it to play leisure games and speed chess with your friends.

4.      Roman Struggle Set

The Roman chess set is for those, who are interested in the Roman historical conflicts. This famous set contains two sets of pieces that show the battle for power between Mark Anthony and Octavian.

The set also depicts the famous Cleopatra as the queen. Both sides have similar pieces and the different color represents the opposing sides. This wonderful set will allow you to play leisurely for time immortal. Just simply ensure that you have the food and drink to go with your chess game!

5.      Harry Potter Set

Are you a young adult, born in the times of Harry Potter? The chess set of Harry Potter and friends is extremely famous and will give you the joy of connecting with your favourite characters. Hagrid is depicted as the king in this set, while the wizarding prince, Harry takes his position as a knight.

The well learned Dumbledore plays the role of the bishop, while Ron is placed as the Rook. Hermione as expected, is the queen. The amazing thing in this chess set are the pawns, which are shown as owls that look adorable.

Is one of these chess sets your favourite? Visit Chess Baron and buy the one that you like!