Special Offers from Chess Baron for Your Special Chess Needs

Chess Baron Canada understands that you have your special chess needs. We value your requirements and therefore, come up with unique offers from time to time. Here are some special offers for you that are sure to get your attention:

1.      Brown Wengue and Maple Chess Board

If you love the chocolate colour in wood, then the Brown Wengue and Maple Chess Board is certainly an ideal choice for your special chess needs. You can buy it and enjoy the subtle etiquette that it offers. It has small 13/8 inch squares, which are ideal for precision play. This chess board is a delight for people, who love to keep their chess board and pieces compact. With its small size, it is also ideal to carry in a variety of ways when you are on the move.

2.      Ambassador Combination Chess Set

If your special chess needs consist of enjoying various games, then this Ambassador Combination Chess Set is certainly an excellent chess item. The perimeter of this fine product has an etched pattern, while the board and the pieces made from high-grade beech wood and sycamore. It is a 21×21 board, and can be folded for easy storage. Available in four different colour choices, there is certainly an Ambassador chess set which is the right one for your taste.

3.      Regent Staunton Chess Set

Double weighted chess sets are a great option to provide you a solid chess playing experience. The Regent Staunton chess set is a classic design and is prepared from Rosewood and Chidar. Only the upper part of the tree is used for creating chess pieces, giving them a distinct light brown colour for good measure. The rook of this set is beautiful, with all the pieces sitting well on the 2-inch squares of this delicate design. It is one of the most durable chess sets due to its characteristic Staunton design.

4.      3 in 1 Wooden Chess, Draughts and Backgammon

If you have special chess needs where you need a product to play other games as well, then this combination board is an ideal option. You get draughts and backgammon with your chess board, allowing you to enjoy a multitude of games. The board can be folded and closed, and this makes it an ideal item to carry in your luggage, when you are moving around but need a product to pass time with your friends and family. All items in this set are prepared using Sheesham wood.

5.      Song of Solomon Chess Set

If you are hell-bent on buying a Staunton chess set, but find that you are low on the budget, we offer you this amazing Song of Solomon Chess Set at a bargain. It is a beautiful design, which is prepared using the finest Bud Rosewood. It has rich colours that provide a beautiful pattern of the chess pieces. It is truly among the best chess sets that are available at Chess Baron and certainly at a bargain in the monthly deals.

Visit Chess Baron monthly deals now and find the ideal product for your special chess needs. One of these products is ideally the one that you have been looking for!

Ebony and Rosewood – The Building Materials of Ultimate Chess Sets

Chess is a game of mental concentration and extreme cognitive ability. It also follows a tradition of many centuries, when important military strategists and kings used to play it for practicing their craft.

These days, chess is a popular parlour game and one which you can play with your family and friends. Our focus in this post is on ultimate chess sets, which are prepared from the finest raw materials. Here we discuss the benefits of using Ebony and Rosewood for chess pieces:

The Benefits of Ebony

Ebony is a durable hardwood, which is denser than water. It certainly allows chess designers to come up with weighted chess sets that provide the ultimate playing experience. Here are the top benefits of employing ebony in preparing the ultimate chess sets:

The Weight

Ebony allows for creating heavy chess pieces that would not move on their own. These are pieces that you cannot move without intention, allowing the enjoyment of long, pleasurable chess battles with your friends. Heavy pieces are also great for tournament use, as they do not get disturbed with ease.


The ultimate chess sets are prepared from ebony, since they allow for a standardised solution. Wherever you go around the world, you can use your ebony chess sets to enjoy the game that you love. Ebony is a standard, when durability is an important aspect. It offers you the best chance to enjoy multiple games with a perfect chess set.

Great Colour

Ebony sets have fine colour. They can also be created with intricate design details. They are among the ultimate chess sets that you can enjoy for a long time. Buy an ebony chess set to relish its great visual appeal.

The Benefits of Rosewood

Bud Rosewood is often employed for creating beautiful chess sets. Rosewood provides the following benefits, resulting in the creation of amazing chess pieces.

Natural Colour

The colour of rosewood is naturally available in rich hues. It often contains lines and other designs. This is excellent for creating the ultimate chess sets that are a visual pleasure. It can be costly to use these expensive woods, but it can certainly return the benefit of providing you chess pieces that can really improve your chess table.

Classic Look

Rosewood chess sets have the classic look. With the design on the pieces very clear, you can enjoy playing in the same manner, just as people used to do centuries ago, as wood was always available for creating the ideal chess pieces.

Different Options

Rosewood is often available in several hues, and this gives you access to the ideal options. Whether you like red or brown, there are ideal rosewood options available for creating the ultimate chess sets for everyone. You will enjoy the varying choices that it brings and will learn to benefit from the advantages of using wooden chess pieces.

Chess Baron has the ultimate chess sets for all your top chess playing needs. You can enjoy our amazing chess pieces that are prepared using the top ebony and rosewood options!

4 Chess Themes that Take Your Breath Away



There are some amazing chess themes that create the most amazing chess sets, which can take your breath away. These themes look amazing when they are prepared from the ideal materials like ebony. Here we look at four amazing themes that you can enjoy:

1.     Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is known in history as one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen. It is also one of the ideal chess themes that you can enjoy. When prepared by Staunton, Alexander the Great is certainly an ideal theme that can truly offer a delightful chess playing experience. Prepared from triple weighted pieces that have felted bases, it is a great set that works well as a decoration piece too.

If you want to build an amazing chess collection, then it is important to enjoy the top chess themes like this one. The knight is shown by the bull, while the pieces have a historic designed prepared for the Olympiad in Turin. This is certainly an amazing theme, which gives rise to top chess sets all around the world. If you love the bull as a knight, then it certainly holds top pleasure.

2.     Utopian Dream

Another of the top chess themes is the Utopian Dream. It is a theme, which allows preparing different top chess sets. Mostly prepared from Rosewood, the quality of Utopian Dream pieces is its best quality. The king always remains protected with the ideal chess pieces that are heavy and not ready to leave their position.

When you use sets that are prepared with care, you get the attention of others that you ask to play with you. They can find that you have amazing chess sets that are prepared with leather bottoms and offer a great playing experience. With the intricate design, it is possible to have an amazing war of chess with your family and friends.

3.     Movie Stars

If you love chess themes from England, then Movie Stars theme is certainly an excellent choice. It uses the top movie stars of the early 20th Century and gives you access to the portraits of some of the pioneers of the early cinema days. Mae West is portrayed as the queen in such chess sets, while the Knight is played by W.C. Fields. With the King Charlie Chaplin, this is an amazing chess theme that all would like to play with.

4.     Royal Beasts

If we are listing the top chess themes, then it is not possible to ignore the Royal Beasts of England. These beasts were prepared for the Coronation of the Queen and reflected the same functionality as that of the Kings Beasts at the Hampton Court. They offer an amazing design and the chess sets prepared using this theme are simply a visual pleasure. The White Horse, the White Lion, The Falcon and the Unicorn are all part of this awesome theme.

Chess Baron Canada loves to bring amazing chess themes that truly take your breath away. Visit us and learn more about the amazing chess sets that you can enjoy!

Rummikub – A Great Combination of Mahjong and Rummy

If you are looking for a game to give you a break from intense chess playing sessions, then Rummikub (pronounced as rummy cube) is certainly a great option. It is a great party game and you can enjoy it with a group of friends. Here are some important details of this wonderful game:

The History

Rummikub was invented in the 1940s. It was a simple game, which Ephraim Hertzano personally sold to the people looking for a table attraction. The game gained popularity in the United States in the 1970s, when it became the bestselling game in the country. It is now a well-known game in Canada too, with various versions of the game becoming popular in game clubs.

The office Rummikub rules were established in 1978 and gradually, the Sabra version of the game took over all the other versions. Modern sets of the game are only designed to allow playing the Sabra game. It is certainly an excellent game to enjoy an evening with your friends and family members.

The Gameplay

Rummikub is played by two to four players by combing the concept of mahjong tiles with the card game rules of rummy. There are 104 tiles in the game, present in four different colours (blue, black, orange and red), with two copies each of every tile. This can be equated to using two decks of cards. There are two joker tiles as well, which add an additional fun element to the game. The players usually start with 14 tiles and then take turns trying to create a group of tiles and creating sets of three.

You draw a tile when you cannot create a set of at least three matching tiles. The common of play is the Sabra version. The winner is the person who uses all their tiles to score a positive number based on the remaining tiles of the opponents, while all others score in negative according to their remaining tile totals. The game is different from other games, as players can combine their sets with the tiles that they have already played earlier in the game.

The Moves

A player must start with making a set that has at least 30 points. The points are calculated from the face value of the tiles that are used to make the set. The joker can hold any value based on what the player assumes the joker for, to create the required set of tiles. Rummikub forces players not to use other available tiles for making the initial meld, as they must pick a tile from the pool of the remaining tiles. The next player can then play out their set.

However, once a player has made the initial set, they can use any available tiles to create a set or create a run of numbers. Whenever a player cannot find a legitimate set, they must pick a random tile from the pool. A player cannot hold onto tiles that can validly create a set.

Rummikub is certainly an excellent party game and Chess Baron allows you to enjoy it with our amazing set. We ensure that this game can bring in the additional fun, when you are enjoying with friends and family!

5 Qualities of the Best Chess Boards

Are you interested in playing chess? Do you believe that your playing experience needs to driven? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, you need a strong support for playing chess. One of the most important elements that you need for playing chess is a chess board. It needs to support your game and provide a fun way of enjoying time with your friends and family. Here, we review the five qualities that you will find in the best chess boards:

1.      Tournament Squares

The best chess boards have distinguishable squares that allow you to study the game properly and then make your plays. A typical size that you will find is to have 2.25” squares. This is a standard size and you should select a board a board ideally in this size. This will ensure that you can play the game in the same manner when you are at a friend’s house or playing at your local chess club.

You should become comfortable with a single size as this will allow you to build up your memory and learn to instantly recognize chess playing situations from past experiences. The squares must be consistent as well, with the checkered marking extremely clear.

2.      High-Grade Material

The best chess boards can be made from wood, marble and a host of other materials. What is important is that the material used must be of a high grade. Rosewood and camel bone chess boards are excellent in this regard. They are highly durable and allow you to easily stack up your chess boards in a limited space in your closet storage.

3.      Value for Money

Although everyone wants to use the most elegant board, it is important to buy a board that delivers the best value for money. Therefore, the best chess boards are the ones that offer the ideal VFM that you are looking for. These boards have the desired qualities, like durability and the ease of use, and then deliver the package at a price that you can afford.

4.      Visual Appeal

One of the most important aspects of the best chess boards is their visual appeal. Chess is a game that can be very demanding. An aesthetically appealing board will help you concentrate on your game and avoid the common chess mistakes that happen because you lose your concentration and focus on the game. Remember, it is your board that creates the entire feel of the game and helps you with developing the love for your chess supporting articles, like the set pieces and the game.

5.      Portability

The best chess boards are portable and can easily be stored or carried. They allow you to enjoy a game of chess in any situation. You can take them with you when visiting another city, or simply place them in a cupboard to enjoy a game when your family is around for the holidays. This excellent quality is certainly the most desired one for people who are always on the move.

Chess Baron understands these qualities and brings you the best chess boards that provide them. Simply select a board that you like to enjoy these chess advantages!

Employ These Chess Practices to Become a Chess Expert

Chess is a game of extreme concentration and the ability to work out the moves of your opponent as well as your own choices. Although there is always more to learn about becoming a chess expert, there are a few methods that everyone can use to improve their playing skills. Here, we bring you these excellent chess practices that will help you become a chess expert:

1.      Read the Rules

The first practice is to read the rules for playing chess. It may seem a mundane requirement, but you can learn a lot about the basics of chess gameplay, simply by studying the rules of the game. This will allow you to understand how to start a game, and learn about simple concepts such as using king and queen side castles.

Learning about the legal moves of different chess pieces will prepare you for being competitive even if you are a novice at chess. To becoming a chess expert, you must start with the basics and gradually use our other shared practices to reach an expert level. However, becoming a professional is only possible if you have the talent and the desire to continue working towards becoming a Grandmaster at Chess.

2.      Join a Chess Club

Chess may look boring, but is a great social game. Join a chess club and practice with other chess players to perfect your game. This way, you will learn from others as well as your own mistakes. You may feel down when you are beaten in chess, but this will help you rise from your failures and strategize better to win your next game.

By constantly practicing your craft with other members of the chess club, you will certainly be on your way to become a chess expert in a few months’ time. Remember, you should always look to upgrade your opponents, to make sure that you do not become complacent at chess.

3.      Learn the Exchanges

It is impossible to become a chess expert, unless you become great at exchanging and trading your chess pieces the right way. An exchange refers to losing a particular piece in exchange for another piece of the opponent. Many people are careless in exchanges and then learn that they made the wrong exchange just a few moves later. Learn to value your knights and bishops and do not sacrifice them blindly, just to take down an enemy rook. Wrong exchanges certainly put you at a disadvantage, when the irregular movement of the knight may have landed you the opportunity to land a final checkmate punch.

4.      Choose a Style

Chess can be played in numerous ways. Some people are extremely aggressive and are always looking for exchanges, while others like to play the waiting game and strike out once. You should compare different playing styles before choosing one with which you are comfortable. Although it is always better to be unpredictable in chess, you need to have a solid style to proceed to become a chess expert.

One of the requirements of playing chess is the love of the game. Chess Baron brings you these amazing chess sets that will help you take a deeper interest in the game and become an expert with these chess practices.

The 3 Ideal Theme Sets from England

We curate the best theme sets from all over the world for our esteemed customers. We know why some of the most historic chess theme sets originate from England. These sets are prepared using crushed marble and are joined together using the highest quality resin. These are heavy chess pieces that you can truly enjoy. Here are some amazing theme sets from England that you will surely enjoy:

1.      Reynard the Fox Set

Reynard the Fox chess theme set is made by Berkeley and is based on the character of Reynard the Fox. To give you an insight, Reynard is a famous character of several animal tales that were popular in medieval Europe. These tales satirise on the contemporary social practices and allowed folk tellers to bring a sympathetic hero to the fore.

It is one of the most beautiful chess theme sets from England. Reynard is a symbol of survival by using cunning as an ability to defeat the greed and power of Isengrim the wolf. If you are interested in medieval European animal stories, then this chess theme set is certainly an ideal one for you.

2.      Movie Stars Set

Chess Baron brings you the Movie Stars Chess Set, if you are interested in early cinema and really love the work of the early screen artists. This is one of ideal chess theme sets from England that depicts all the famous movie stars from the 20th Century. Charlie Chaplin is the King in this set as anyone can expect, the Queen is played in Mae West.

Made from crushed marble, the Movie Stars set truly takes you back in time, when the Marx Brothers (the Bishop) were famous comedian faces. The Castle is shown by Laurel & Hardy, while the Knight is depicted by W.C. Fields. If you want to show your friends and family the love that you have for cinema and moviemaking, then we believe that you must get this set.

3.      Royal Beasts Set

Another of our excellent chess theme sets is the Royal Beasts set from England. It is a heavily weighted set as it is made from crushed marble and offers excellent quality. The Royal Beasts present in this set follow the design of the beasts that were prepared for the Queens Coronation in 1952. Originally prepared as six-feet high statues, they became a source of inspiration of many sculptors around the world.

The Queens in this set are the Unicorns of Scotland, while the Kings are depicted by the Lions of England. The White Horse of Hanover and Yale of Beaufort are the Knights. These amazing beasts continue to make up other pieces. If you want to enjoy amazing playing experience, then this is certainly one of the top chess theme sets to buy. It truly combines manufacturing quality, with a pinch of history and the ability to show the work of one of the best sculptors of the 20th Century, James Woodford.

Chess Baron brings you these and other amazing chess theme sets from England. These marble sets are boned with high-grade resin and are truly ideal to serve your chess playing needs for a long time!

Try the Amazing Monthly Deals at Chess Baron

At Chess Baron, we are always working hard to provide the best deals for you. Our deals help you out in buying the best chess products to ensure that you can play with your friends and can always maintain your inventory of quality chess products. These days, we have the following amazing monthly deals that you can get:

Charlemagne Chess Set

Available at a discount this month, the Charlemagne chess set is an excellent replica of one of the most famous European kings. Named after the great Charlemagne, who reigned in Europe in the 11th Century, our chess set is a replica of the original set carved in Italy many centuries ago. It is housed in the National Library in Paris and has a design where the Chariot is present in place of the Rook, while the Bishop position is represented by an Elephant figure.

This set is one of the best monthly deals at Chess Baron, and is reproduced by a local artist. It is a Canadian product that allows you to enjoy the best of Europe, by using chess pieces that represent historical significance. It has a 3.5” king which is significant and allows you to enjoy a wonderful European adventure in your playing room. This set is available in the double opposing colours of ivory and rosewood and perfectly complement each other.

The Triple Weight Sheffield Set

One of the best monthly deals available at our store is the amazing Staunton, Triple Weighted Sheffield chess set. Designed in the contrasting ebony colour of black and natural boxwood it is a new design to offer an amazing chess experience. Prepared from high-quality wood, this is one of the best Staunton sets that you can enjoy on a great discount.

The triple weight offers a great playing experience as well. You can truly feel the weight of each effort that you make and therefore, enjoy a game of chess like never before. Our monthly deals ensure that you can get your hands on this amazing chess set and make every move count. A checkmate with this set, will certainly be an amazing experience.

DGT Cube Game Clock

You also need supporting produces in our monthly deals. Try the excellent DGT Cube Game Clock that can support up to six players at once. It has the ability to provide time management per move or you can also set time limits for the entire game. Playing speed chess certainly improves your ability to make decisions quicker. With the ability to use five different timing schemes, you can allocate different times to different players.

As the Cube changes colours (when pressed), it easily allows you to perform the ideal time management for multiple players. There is also a pause button available, which lets you stop a speed chess game for food breaks and other stuff. You can then once again restart the game from the same position, while keeping the rules of your speed chess game alive.

At Chess Baron, we truly value your money. Try our monthly deals to ensure that you can get your hands on these amazing products at a discount!

Bone Chess Sets – Excellent Pieces that Show Battle Damage

Premium chess pieces were always prepared from ivory. These days, it is not easy to use ivory in creating chess products. Bone chess sets are the best replacement in this case. They are great because they can show battle damage and allow amazing craftsmen to prepare outstanding designs. When bought from a reputed store, you get these sets with excellent properties that truly enhance their value. Here are some excellent characteristics of bone chess sets:

Natural Wear

Chess sets prepared from original camel bone will have natural wear and tear. This means that each piece is marvellous and different from other pieces, even if prepared in the same batch. Bone chess sets have the ability to show a natural battle damage look, which is ideal for you, if you love to engage in chess fights with your friends and family members.

The wear is also apparent due to carving designs on the camel bone. The natural blemishes on the bone products are what will improve your playing experience. Bone chess sets are available in various designs and can improve your playing experience when you use them for your evening chess plays.


Bone chess sets are unique and they offer an amazing playing experience. These sets are great for use with all kinds of playing boards and truly provide a valuable experience. The details in each of the chess sets made from the camel bone ensure that your set is always different when compared to the sets that others may have. They are also available in amazing designs. They can offer an excellent playing experience with any board that you may have in your home.

Playing on Bone Boards

Bone chess sets are great for playing chess on boards that are prepared from bone as well. They offer a natural aging look and show as if you have been using the board and the chess set for decades. This allows you to enjoy the natural feeling and also maximise your own chess playing potential.


Bone chess sets are prepared using carving techniques. This means that each set is unique and perfect for delivering the best chess playing experience. If you love to play chess in a special setting, where you are in a serene environment, using a bone chess set will certainly help you enjoy the game in an ideal manner. The carvings that you get with camel bone products are excellent and create chess sets that offer a visual pleasure in all cases.

Luxury Sets

Bone chess sets are luxurious. They are great for improving your living room as well. You can set them up in your cupboard and improve the look of your place. Alternatively, you can use bone sets for hosting your friends and turning your evenings into amazing experiences.

If you are looking for the best bone chess sets, then Chess Baron can certainly offer you some amazing options. We have great chess products in Canada and are always looking to offer you the best chess playing experience.

The Evolution of the Modern Chess Set and Board

Chess has been around for centuries. It was originated in India, and it is often stated that it developed from Chaturanga, a name give to a typical battle formation. This was the game originally played on an 8×8 board and gradually gave rise to the modern chess set and board that we now see in play. Here are the details of how the modern game took shape, especially in the last 500 years.

The Origin of Modern Chess

The game was always constructed as a battleground and was used to practice warfare strategy. The queen and the bishop were to as powerful at the start. The game really took when the queen was given an increased power, as the game was often termed as Queen’s chess but really got popular in the late 15th Century.

The ability to promote the pawn became important as it could not become a queen and gain amazing powers in the game. The game started to get extremely popular in Western Europe and the modern chess set took appearance. The use of a chequered board also become apparent. The increased ability of the chess pieces allowed for games to be played easily with games getting completed a lot earlier by employing fewer moves.

Chess Theories

Chess was a game fit for kings and military personnel. It was a high intellect game that only gained popularity in common people with the appearance of chess playing theories in the 15th Century. Many Italian and Spanish grandmasters started analysing chess moves and came up with strategic ways of playing chess. The modern chess set and board became the standard across Europe and the game was standardised more for the general public rather than the elite class of the countries.

Chess Clubs

The early nineteenth Century gave rise to the chess clubs. It became easier to use a modern chess set and play a game with your friends in the settings of a leisure club. Playing chess became a fun activity that you would do in your pastime and ensure that you could play it for having fun, rather than improving your intellect and mental ability.

The chess clubs gave rise to the popularity of chess problems and situations. Respected newspapers would include chess problems in their publications and show game ending situations for sharing knowledge for their readers and chess enthusiasts. Gaming tables became popular in this time as well, as they had a printed chess board, which you could use to play with your friends, by using a modern chess set that you could carry everywhere with you.

Competitive Chess

Competitive chess using the modern chess set and board started in the Nineteenth Century and became extremely popular within a period of few decades. The first modern chess tournament was hosted in 1851 in London and was an instant success.

You can get a modern chess set in Canada from Chess Baron and truly enjoy this wonderful game. We have some of the best chess products on offer and are always enhancing the playing experience of our customers.