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Chess Sets for the Blind

From Chess Baron

Specially created chess sets for blind and partially sighted chess players. As required by the Braille Chess Association, these sets have the following characteristics: Raised dark squares, Staunton design, bottom dowels in the pieces to hold the pieces in place in their hole, slight spikes in the dark pieces to designate the piece colour. We've been through a process with the Braille Chess Association to approve the design of the sets.

13 inch Chess Set for the Blind (E2036)

Especially Made for Blind Players. 13 inches Square. Raised Dark Squares.

Epecially Made for Blind Players. 13 inches Square. Raised Dark Squares. Chess set for blind chess players and usable in chess tournaments for the blind. The darker squares are raised slightly, the pieces all have a dowel to hold them in place, and the dark pieces have the required spike to designate their colour. All made in a fine quality solid sheesham cabinet and approved by the Braille Chess Association in the UK. It measures 13 inches square.

List CAD$159.00 CAD$129.95


Chess Sets for the Blind

Now the blind and the partially sighted can enjoy a game of chess. At ChessBaron Canada you can shop with confidence knowing that we sell quality chess sets.

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